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FlexBE Behavior Engine

FlexBE is a high-level behavior engine coordinating the capabilities of a robot in order to solve complex tasks. Behaviors are modeled as hierarchical state machines where states correspond to active actions and transitions describe the reaction to outcomes. Main advantage over similar approaches is the good operator integration and extensive user interface. Besides executing behaviors in full autonomy, the operator can restrict execution of certain transitions or trigger them manually. Furthermore, it is even supported to modify the whole structure of a behavior during its execution without restarting it. The user interface features a runtime control interface as well as a graphical editor for state machines.

Please refer to the FlexBE Homepage ( for further information, tutorials, application examples, and much more.



Execute the following commands to install FlexBE:

roscd && cd ../src
git clone

Furthermore, create your own repository for behavior development (contains examples):

rosrun flexbe_widget create_repo [your_project_name]

Finally, it is recommended to install the FlexBE App user interface by following these steps.


Use the following launch file for running the onboard engine:

roslaunch flexbe_onboard behavior_onboard.launch

Use the following launch file for running the operator control station (requires the FlexBE App):

roslaunch flexbe_app flexbe_ocs.launch

Use the following lunach file to run both of the above, e.g., for testing on a single computer:

roslaunch flexbe_app flexbe_full.launch

Next Steps


Please use the following publication for reference when using FlexBE:

Philipp Schillinger, Stefan Kohlbrecher, and Oskar von Stryk, "Human-Robot Collaborative High-Level Control with Application to Rescue Robotics", IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Stockholm, Sweden, May 2016.

    author = {Philipp Schillinger and Stefan Kohlbrecher and Oskar von Stryk},
    title = {Human-Robot Collaborative High-Level Control with Application to Rescue Robotics},
    year = {2016},
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Further Publications

Refer for example to the following publications to get an impression about ways to use FlexBE. Let us know if you know a paper which should be added to the list.


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