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🤖 Places where you can learn robotics (and stuff like that) online 🤖
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Cs Video Courses56,273
2 days ago17
List of Computer Science courses with video lectures.
4 days ago14otherPython
Python sample codes for robotics algorithms.
Stable Baselines35,82134a day ago49June 14, 202276mitPython
PyTorch version of Stable Baselines, reliable implementations of reinforcement learning algorithms.
Robotics Coursework1,762
2 years ago5unlicense
🤖 Places where you can learn robotics (and stuff like that) online 🤖
Pinocchio1,073867 days ago5November 16, 202127otherC++
A fast and flexible implementation of Rigid Body Dynamics algorithms and their analytical derivatives
3 years ago2mitC++
cpp implementation of robotics algorithms including localization, mapping, SLAM, path planning and control
16 days ago26otherC++
RBDL is a C++ library that contains some essential and efficient rigid body dynamics algorithms such as the Articulated Body Algorithm (ABA) for forward dynamics, Recursive Newton-Euler Algorithm (RNEA) for inverse dynamics, the Composite Rigid Body Algorithm (CRBA) for the efficient computation of the joint space inertia matrix and is also able to compute forward dynamics with external contact constraints and collision impulses. Furthermore it has some basic support for forward and inverse kinematics.
2 years ago20otherC++
Quadrotor control framework developed by the Robotics and Perception Group
2 years ago3mitC++
Header-only C++ library for robotics, control, and path planning algorithms. Work in progress, contributions are welcome!
4 days ago30otherJulia
Julia implementation of various rigid body dynamics and kinematics algorithms
Alternatives To Robotics Coursework
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