About Awesome Open Source

We built Awesome Open Source to help us find open source software since we realized there is so much useful and great open source software but it is hard to find what you need to solve your problems in the best way. Without promoting it, people started using the site and over time it grew to a peak of 1.7 million unique users a month.

At the core of the features we offer is human intelligence, leveraging categorization, canonicalization and analysis done by software engineering and computer science experts.

Using that human intelligence with our expert software engineering and computer science experts gives our product and its features a unique and valuable way to help you solve the problem of finding the best open source project to use to build your software.

We use this human intelligence to help you see a broad view of the software engineering and computer science landscape, and drill down into the area you care about. Then you can identify the most promising projects. When evaluating a promising project, you will see a list of alternative projects to consider in a table sortable by its metadata, alongside the initial promising project, along with package manager and repository metadata for the entire list of projects. You can use this to determine which project is best to use to build the software you need to build.

As you drill down into more specific subject matter categories, you can see which projects in this particular category are most popular, most depended on, as well as the latest releases. As you drill down into a specific project that looks like a good candidate for the problem you need to solve, you will see which subject matter categories are most applicable to the project you are considering, and you will see other projects that are also in those most applicable subject matter categories.

In addition, if there are particular subject matter categories you need to investigate to find a solution to your problem, you can perform a search. Searching also allows you to combine multiple subject matter categories. While investigating and evaluating a specific project to see if it meets your needs and solves your problem, you will see related searches suggested which can provide even more options to consider for solving the problem you need to solve.

We are so grateful to have such an enthusiastic, supportive, and large group of users. Some kind things people have shared about the site on social media include:

"Awesome Open Source is a gold mine"

"Awesome Open Source is my favorite website"

We encourage you to use the website to find solutions to your software engineering and computer science problems, and to use our community features of suggesting alternatives and editing categories to share your love of open source software with kindness to other users so everyone benefits for a long time.

Awesome Open Source is a startup technology company located in Silicon Valley, California.

If you need help with anything, please email our CEO directly at [email protected]