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A repository for the GRVC UAV abstraction layer.

Installation and use

Download the latest stable version from here.

Start configuring which backends should be active:

    $ cd ~/catkin_ws/src/grvc-ual
    $ ./

You can find detailed instructions for installation and how to use the UAL in the Wiki.

Compatibile autopilots


Ardupilot (beta)



Unreal Engine - Airsim


If you find UAL useful in your research, please consider citing:

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    title = {Unmanned aerial vehicle abstraction layer: An abstraction layer to operate unmanned aerial vehicles}, 
    journal = {International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems}, 
    year = {2020}, 
    volume = {17}, 
    number = {4}, 
    pages = {1-13}, 
    doi = {10.1177/1729881420925011},
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