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4 years ago32bsd-3-clausePython
dataset and code for 2016 paper "Learning a Driving Simulator"
6 months ago130gpl-3.0C++
Direct Sparse Odometry
a year ago21otherJupyter Notebook
Objectron is a dataset of short, object-centric video clips. In addition, the videos also contain AR session metadata including camera poses, sparse point-clouds and planes. In each video, the camera moves around and above the object and captures it from different views. Each object is annotated with a 3D bounding box. The 3D bounding box describes the object’s position, orientation, and dimensions. The dataset contains about 15K annotated video clips and 4M annotated images in the following categories: bikes, books, bottles, cameras, cereal boxes, chairs, cups, laptops, and shoes
Ml Hypersim1,419
4 months agootherPython
Hypersim: A Photorealistic Synthetic Dataset for Holistic Indoor Scene Understanding
4a year ago9March 01, 201921mitPython
Python tools for working with KITTI data.
2 years ago82otherC++
Awesome Reid Dataset793
a month ago12
Collection of public available person re-identification datasets
3 years ago17bsd-2-clauseC++
A General Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Framework which supports feature based or direct method and different sensors including monocular camera, RGB-D sensors or any other input types can be handled.
4 months ago20otherC++
VDO-SLAM: A Visual Dynamic Object-aware SLAM System
a month ago55Python
The repository containing tools and information about the WoodScape dataset.
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This repository contains the ROVIO (Robust Visual Inertial Odometry) framework. The code is open-source (BSD License). Please remember that it is strongly coupled to on-going research and thus some parts are not fully mature yet. Furthermore, the code will also be subject to changes in the future which could include greater re-factoring of some parts.



Please also have a look at the wiki:

Install without opengl scene


  • ros
  • kindr (ethz-asl/kindr)
  • lightweight_filtering (as submodule, use "git submodule update --init --recursive")

catkin build rovio --cmake-args -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release

Install with opengl scene

Additional dependencies: opengl, glut, glew (sudo apt-get install freeglut3-dev, sudo apt-get install libglew-dev)


catkin build rovio --cmake-args -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DMAKE_SCENE=ON

Euroc Datasets

The rovio_node.launch file loads parameters such that ROVIO runs properly on the Euroc datasets. The datasets are available under:

Further notes

  • Camera matrix and distortion parameters should be provided by a yaml file or loaded through rosparam
  • The cfg/ provides most parameters for rovio. The camera extrinsics qCM (quaternion from IMU to camera frame, Hamilton-convention) and MrMC (Translation between IMU and Camera expressed in the IMU frame) should also be set there. They are being estimated during runtime so only a rough guess should be sufficient.
  • Especially for application with little motion fixing the IMU-camera extrinsics can be beneficial. This can be done by setting the parameter doVECalibration to false. Please be carefull that the overall robustness and accuracy can be very sensitive to bad extrinsic calibrations.
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