NVR with realtime local object detection for IP cameras
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a day ago359mitPython
NVR with realtime local object detection for IP cameras
Pytorch Grad Cam8,9681010 days ago28June 16, 2023115mitPython
Advanced AI Explainability for computer vision. Support for CNNs, Vision Transformers, Classification, Object detection, Segmentation, Image similarity and more.
Jetson Inference7,145
2 days ago299mitC++
Hello AI World guide to deploying deep-learning inference networks and deep vision primitives with TensorRT and NVIDIA Jetson.
4 months ago84apache-2.0Python
[ICRA'23] BEVFusion: Multi-Task Multi-Sensor Fusion with Unified Bird's-Eye View Representation
6 months ago15mitJavaScript
Open-Source AI Camera. Empower any camera/CCTV with state-of-the-art AI, including facial recognition, person recognition(RE-ID) car detection, fall detection and more
5 days ago87mitPython
Self-hosted, local only NVR and AI Computer Vision software. With features such as object detection, motion detection, face recognition and more, it gives you the power to keep an eye on your home, office or any other place you want to monitor.
a year ago3apache-2.0Jupyter Notebook
Replication of simple CV Projects including attention, classification, detection, keypoint detection, etc.
Saliency893157 months ago11June 14, 202210apache-2.0Jupyter Notebook
Framework-agnostic implementation for state-of-the-art saliency methods (XRAI, BlurIG, SmoothGrad, and more).
Frigate Hass Integration563
3 days ago19mitPython
Frigate integration for Home Assistant
Multi Camera Live Object Tracking562
2 years ago22gpl-3.0Python
Multi-camera live traffic and object counting with YOLO v4, Deep SORT, and Flask.
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Frigate - NVR With Realtime Object Detection for IP Cameras

A complete and local NVR designed for Home Assistant with AI object detection. Uses OpenCV and Tensorflow to perform realtime object detection locally for IP cameras.

Use of a Google Coral Accelerator is optional, but highly recommended. The Coral will outperform even the best CPUs and can process 100+ FPS with very little overhead.

  • Tight integration with Home Assistant via a custom component
  • Designed to minimize resource use and maximize performance by only looking for objects when and where it is necessary
  • Leverages multiprocessing heavily with an emphasis on realtime over processing every frame
  • Uses a very low overhead motion detection to determine where to run object detection
  • Object detection with TensorFlow runs in separate processes for maximum FPS
  • Communicates over MQTT for easy integration into other systems
  • Records video with retention settings based on detected objects
  • 24/7 recording
  • Re-streaming via RTSP to reduce the number of connections to your camera
  • WebRTC & MSE support for low-latency live view


View the documentation at


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Integration into Home Assistant

Also comes with a builtin UI:


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