Jetson Inference

Hello AI World guide to deploying deep-learning inference networks and deep vision primitives with TensorRT and NVIDIA Jetson.
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NVIDIA® TensorRT™, an SDK for high-performance deep learning inference, includes a deep learning inference optimizer and runtime that delivers low latency and high throughput for inference applications.
Jetson Inference6,945
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Hello AI World guide to deploying deep-learning inference networks and deep vision primitives with TensorRT and NVIDIA Jetson.
Dali4,70543 days ago18December 01, 2023287apache-2.0C++
A GPU-accelerated library containing highly optimized building blocks and an execution engine for data processing to accelerate deep learning training and inference applications.
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Deploying Deep Learning

Welcome to our instructional guide for inference and realtime vision DNN library for NVIDIA Jetson devices. This project uses TensorRT to run optimized networks on GPUs from C++ or Python, and PyTorch for training models.

Supported DNN vision primitives include imageNet for image classification, detectNet for object detection, segNet for semantic segmentation, poseNet for pose estimation, and actionNet for action recognition. Examples are provided for streaming from live camera feeds, making webapps with WebRTC, and support for ROS/ROS2.

Follow the Hello AI World tutorial for running inference and transfer learning onboard your Jetson, including collecting your own datasets, training your own models with PyTorch, and deploying them with TensorRT.

Table of Contents

>   JetPack 5 is now supported, along with Jetson Orin Nano.
>   Recent post: Deploying Edge AI Web Apps (see WebRTC support)
>   See the Change Log for the latest updates and new features.

Hello AI World

Hello AI World can be run completely onboard your Jetson, including live inferencing with TensorRT and transfer learning with PyTorch. For installation instructions, see System Setup. It's then recommended to start with the Inference section to familiarize yourself with the concepts, before diving into Training your own models.

System Setup



WebApp Frameworks


Video Walkthroughs

Below are screencasts of Hello AI World that were recorded for the Jetson AI Certification course:

Description Video
Hello AI World Setup
Download and run the Hello AI World container on Jetson Nano, test your camera feed, and see how to stream it over the network via RTP.
Image Classification Inference
Code your own Python program for image classification using Jetson Nano and deep learning, then experiment with realtime classification on a live camera stream.
Training Image Classification Models
Learn how to train image classification models with PyTorch onboard Jetson Nano, and collect your own classification datasets to create custom models.
Object Detection Inference
Code your own Python program for object detection using Jetson Nano and deep learning, then experiment with realtime detection on a live camera stream.
Training Object Detection Models
Learn how to train object detection models with PyTorch onboard Jetson Nano, and collect your own detection datasets to create custom models.
Semantic Segmentation
Experiment with fully-convolutional semantic segmentation networks on Jetson Nano, and run realtime segmentation on a live camera stream.

API Reference

Below are links to reference documentation for the C++ and Python libraries from the repo:


C++ Python
Image Recognition imageNet imageNet
Object Detection detectNet detectNet
Segmentation segNet segNet
Pose Estimation poseNet poseNet
Action Recognition actionNet actionNet
Background Removal backgroundNet actionNet
Monocular Depth depthNet depthNet


These libraries are able to be used in external projects by linking to libjetson-inference and libjetson-utils.

Code Examples

Introductory code walkthroughs of using the library are covered during these steps of the Hello AI World tutorial:

Additional C++ and Python samples for running the networks on images and live camera streams can be found here:

C++ Python
   Image Recognition imagenet.cpp
   Object Detection detectnet.cpp
   Segmentation segnet.cpp
   Pose Estimation posenet.cpp
   Action Recognition actionnet.cpp
   Background Removal backgroundnet.cpp
   Monocular Depth depthnet.cpp

note: see the Array Interfaces section for using memory with other Python libraries (like Numpy, PyTorch, ect)

These examples will automatically be compiled while Building the Project from Source, and are able to run the pre-trained models listed below in addition to custom models provided by the user. Launch each example with --help for usage info.

Pre-Trained Models

The project comes with a number of pre-trained models that are available to use and will be automatically downloaded:

Image Recognition

Network CLI argument NetworkType enum
AlexNet alexnet ALEXNET
GoogleNet googlenet GOOGLENET
GoogleNet-12 googlenet-12 GOOGLENET_12
ResNet-18 resnet-18 RESNET_18
ResNet-50 resnet-50 RESNET_50
ResNet-101 resnet-101 RESNET_101
ResNet-152 resnet-152 RESNET_152
VGG-16 vgg-16 VGG-16
VGG-19 vgg-19 VGG-19
Inception-v4 inception-v4 INCEPTION_V4

Object Detection

Model CLI argument NetworkType enum Object classes
SSD-Mobilenet-v1 ssd-mobilenet-v1 SSD_MOBILENET_V1 91 (COCO classes)
SSD-Mobilenet-v2 ssd-mobilenet-v2 SSD_MOBILENET_V2 91 (COCO classes)
SSD-Inception-v2 ssd-inception-v2 SSD_INCEPTION_V2 91 (COCO classes)
TAO PeopleNet peoplenet PEOPLENET person, bag, face
TAO PeopleNet (pruned) peoplenet-pruned PEOPLENET_PRUNED person, bag, face
TAO DashCamNet dashcamnet DASHCAMNET person, car, bike, sign
TAO TrafficCamNet trafficcamnet TRAFFICCAMNET person, car, bike, sign
TAO FaceDetect facedetect FACEDETECT face
Legacy Detection Models
Model CLI argument NetworkType enum Object classes
DetectNet-COCO-Dog coco-dog COCO_DOG dogs
DetectNet-COCO-Bottle coco-bottle COCO_BOTTLE bottles
DetectNet-COCO-Chair coco-chair COCO_CHAIR chairs
DetectNet-COCO-Airplane coco-airplane COCO_AIRPLANE airplanes
ped-100 pednet PEDNET pedestrians
multiped-500 multiped PEDNET_MULTI pedestrians, luggage
facenet-120 facenet FACENET faces

Semantic Segmentation

Dataset Resolution CLI Argument Accuracy Jetson Nano Jetson Xavier
Cityscapes 512x256 fcn-resnet18-cityscapes-512x256 83.3% 48 FPS 480 FPS
Cityscapes 1024x512 fcn-resnet18-cityscapes-1024x512 87.3% 12 FPS 175 FPS
Cityscapes 2048x1024 fcn-resnet18-cityscapes-2048x1024 89.6% 3 FPS 47 FPS
DeepScene 576x320 fcn-resnet18-deepscene-576x320 96.4% 26 FPS 360 FPS
DeepScene 864x480 fcn-resnet18-deepscene-864x480 96.9% 14 FPS 190 FPS
Multi-Human 512x320 fcn-resnet18-mhp-512x320 86.5% 34 FPS 370 FPS
Multi-Human 640x360 fcn-resnet18-mhp-512x320 87.1% 23 FPS 325 FPS
Pascal VOC 320x320 fcn-resnet18-voc-320x320 85.9% 45 FPS 508 FPS
Pascal VOC 512x320 fcn-resnet18-voc-512x320 88.5% 34 FPS 375 FPS
SUN RGB-D 512x400 fcn-resnet18-sun-512x400 64.3% 28 FPS 340 FPS
SUN RGB-D 640x512 fcn-resnet18-sun-640x512 65.1% 17 FPS 224 FPS
  • If the resolution is omitted from the CLI argument, the lowest resolution model is loaded
  • Accuracy indicates the pixel classification accuracy across the model's validation dataset
  • Performance is measured for GPU FP16 mode with JetPack 4.2.1, nvpmodel 0 (MAX-N)
Legacy Segmentation Models
Network CLI Argument NetworkType enum Classes
Cityscapes (2048x2048) fcn-alexnet-cityscapes-hd FCN_ALEXNET_CITYSCAPES_HD 21
Cityscapes (1024x1024) fcn-alexnet-cityscapes-sd FCN_ALEXNET_CITYSCAPES_SD 21
Pascal VOC (500x356) fcn-alexnet-pascal-voc FCN_ALEXNET_PASCAL_VOC 21
Synthia (CVPR16) fcn-alexnet-synthia-cvpr FCN_ALEXNET_SYNTHIA_CVPR 14
Synthia (Summer-HD) fcn-alexnet-synthia-summer-hd FCN_ALEXNET_SYNTHIA_SUMMER_HD 14
Synthia (Summer-SD) fcn-alexnet-synthia-summer-sd FCN_ALEXNET_SYNTHIA_SUMMER_SD 14
Aerial-FPV (1280x720) fcn-alexnet-aerial-fpv-720p FCN_ALEXNET_AERIAL_FPV_720p 2

Pose Estimation

Model CLI argument NetworkType enum Keypoints
Pose-ResNet18-Body resnet18-body RESNET18_BODY 18
Pose-ResNet18-Hand resnet18-hand RESNET18_HAND 21
Pose-DenseNet121-Body densenet121-body DENSENET121_BODY 18

Action Recognition

Model CLI argument Classes
Action-ResNet18-Kinetics resnet18 1040
Action-ResNet34-Kinetics resnet34 1040

Recommended System Requirements

  • Jetson Nano Developer Kit with JetPack 4.2 or newer (Ubuntu 18.04 aarch64).
  • Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit with JetPack 4.4.1 or newer (Ubuntu 18.04 aarch64).
  • Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit with JetPack 4.4 or newer (Ubuntu 18.04 aarch64).
  • Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit with JetPack 4.0 or newer (Ubuntu 18.04 aarch64).
  • Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit with JetPack 5.0 or newer (Ubuntu 20.04 aarch64).
  • Jetson TX2 Developer Kit with JetPack 3.0 or newer (Ubuntu 16.04 aarch64).
  • Jetson TX1 Developer Kit with JetPack 2.3 or newer (Ubuntu 16.04 aarch64).

The Transfer Learning with PyTorch section of the tutorial speaks from the perspective of running PyTorch onboard Jetson for training DNNs, however the same PyTorch code can be used on a PC, server, or cloud instance with an NVIDIA discrete GPU for faster training.

Extra Resources

In this area, links and resources for deep learning are listed:

Two Days to a Demo (DIGITS)

note: the DIGITS/Caffe tutorial from below is deprecated. It's recommended to follow the Transfer Learning with PyTorch tutorial from Hello AI World.

Expand this section to see original DIGITS tutorial (deprecated)
The DIGITS tutorial includes training DNN's in the cloud or PC, and inference on the Jetson with TensorRT, and can take roughly two days or more depending on system setup, downloading the datasets, and the training speed of your GPU.

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