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This package is a collection of GICP-based fast point cloud registration algorithms. It constains a multi-threaded GICP as well as multi-thread and GPU implementations of our voxelized GICP (VGICP) algorithm. All the implemented algorithms have the PCL registration interface so that they can be used as an inplace replacement for GICP in PCL.

  • FastGICP: multi-threaded GICP algorithm (~40FPS)
  • FastGICPSingleThread: GICP algorithm optimized for single-threading (~15FPS)
  • FastVGICP: multi-threaded and voxelized GICP algorithm (~70FPS)
  • FastVGICPCuda: CUDA-accelerated voxelized GICP algorithm (~120FPS)
  • NDTCuda: CUDA-accelerated D2D NDT algorithm (~500FPS) proctime

Build Status on melodic & noetic



We have tested this package on Ubuntu 18.04/20.04 and CUDA 11.1.


To enable the CUDA-powered implementations, set BUILD_VGICP_CUDA cmake option to ON.


cd ~/catkin_ws/src
git clone --recursive
cd .. && catkin_make -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
# enable cuda-based implementations
# cd .. && catkin_make -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DBUILD_VGICP_CUDA=ON


git clone --recursive
mkdir fast_gicp/build && cd fast_gicp/build
cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
# enable cuda-based implementations
make -j8

Python bindings

cd fast_gicp
python3 install --user

Note: If you are on a catkin-enabled environment and the installation doesn't work well, comment out find_package(catkin) in CMakeLists.txt and run the above installation command again.

import pygicp

target = # Nx3 numpy array
source = # Mx3 numpy array

# 1. function interface
matrix = pygicp.align_points(target, source)

# optional arguments
# initial_guess               : Initial guess of the relative pose (4x4 matrix)
# method                      : GICP, VGICP, VGICP_CUDA, or NDT_CUDA
# downsample_resolution       : Downsampling resolution (used only if positive)
# k_correspondences           : Number of points used for covariance estimation
# max_correspondence_distance : Maximum distance for corresponding point search
# voxel_resolution            : Resolution of voxel-based algorithms
# neighbor_search_method      : DIRECT1, DIRECT7, DIRECT27, or DIRECT_RADIUS
# neighbor_search_radius      : Neighbor voxel search radius (for GPU-based methods)
# num_threads                 : Number of threads

# 2. class interface
# you may want to downsample the input clouds before registration
target = pygicp.downsample(target, 0.25)
source = pygicp.downsample(source, 0.25)

# pygicp.FastGICP has more or less the same interfaces as the C++ version
gicp = pygicp.FastGICP()
matrix = gicp.align()

# optional


CPU:Core i9-9900K GPU:GeForce RTX2080Ti

roscd fast_gicp/data
rosrun fast_gicp gicp_align 251370668.pcd 251371071.pcd
target:17249[pts] source:17518[pts]
--- pcl_gicp ---
single:127.508[msec] 100times:12549.4[msec] fitness_score:0.204892
--- pcl_ndt ---
single:53.5904[msec] 100times:5467.16[msec] fitness_score:0.229616
--- fgicp_st ---
single:111.324[msec] 100times:10662.7[msec] 100times_reuse:6794.59[msec] fitness_score:0.204379
--- fgicp_mt ---
single:20.1602[msec] 100times:1585[msec] 100times_reuse:1017.74[msec] fitness_score:0.204412
--- vgicp_st ---
single:112.001[msec] 100times:7959.9[msec] 100times_reuse:4408.22[msec] fitness_score:0.204067
--- vgicp_mt ---
single:18.1106[msec] 100times:1381[msec] 100times_reuse:806.53[msec] fitness_score:0.204067
--- vgicp_cuda (parallel_kdtree) ---
single:15.9587[msec] 100times:1451.85[msec] 100times_reuse:695.48[msec] fitness_score:0.204061
--- vgicp_cuda (gpu_bruteforce) ---
single:53.9113[msec] 100times:3463.5[msec] 100times_reuse:1703.41[msec] fitness_score:0.204049
--- vgicp_cuda (gpu_rbf_kernel) ---
single:5.91508[msec] 100times:590.725[msec] 100times_reuse:226.787[msec] fitness_score:0.20557

See src/align.cpp for the detailed usage.

Test on KITTI


# Perform frame-by-frame registration
rosrun fast_gicp gicp_kitti /your/kitti/path/sequences/00/velodyne



cd fast_gicp/src
python3 /your/kitti/path/sequences/00/velodyne

Related packages


  • Kenji Koide, Masashi Yokozuka, Shuji Oishi, and Atsuhiko Banno, Voxelized GICP for fast and accurate 3D point cloud registration, ICRA2021 [link]


Kenji Koide, [email protected]

Human-Centered Mobility Research Center, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan [URL]

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