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Must-have verilog systemverilog modules

Hello! This is a collection of verilog systemverilog synthesizable modules.
All the code is highly reusable across typical FPGA projects and mainstream FPGA vendors.
Please feel free to contact me in case you found any code issues.
Also, give me a pleasure, tell me if the code has got succesfully implemented in your hobby, scientific or industrial projects!

Konstantin Pavlov, [email protected]

The code is licensed under CC BY-SA 4_0.
You can remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially
You must provide the name of the creator and distribute your contributions under the same license as the original

Directories description:

Advanced Synthesis Cookbook/ useful code from Altera's cookbook
KCPSM6_Release9_30Sept14/ Xilinx's Picoblaze soft processo
pacoblaze-2.2/ version of Picoblaze adapted for Altera devices
example_projects/ FPGA project examples
benchmark_projects/ compilation time benchmarks for a dosen of FPGA types
scripts/ useful TCL scripts

Scripts description:

scripts/allow_undefined_ports.tcl allows generation of test projects with undefined pins for Vivado IDE
scripts/compile_quartus.tcl boilerplate script for commandline project compilation in Quartus IDE
scripts/convert_sof_to_jam.bat Altera/Intel FPGA configuration file converter
scripts/convert_sof_to_rbf.bat another Altera/Intel FPGA configuration file converter
scripts/iverilog_compile.tcl complete script to compile Verilog sources with iverilog tool and run simulation in gtkwave tool
scripts/modelsim_compile.tcl Modelsim no-project-mode compilation script
scripts/post_flow_quartus.tcl custom reporting or report analisys for Intel Quartus IDE
scripts/post_flow_vivado.tcl custom reporting or report analisys for Xilinx Vivado IDE
scripts/program_all.bat command line programmer example for Altera/Intel FPGAs
scripts/project_version_auto_increment.tcl project version autoincrement script for Quartus IDE
scripts/quartus_system_console_init.tcl initialization script for reading/writing Avalon-MM through JTAG-to-Avalon-MM bridge IP
scripts/set_project_directory.tcl changes current directory to match project directory in Vivado IDE
scripts/write_avalon_mm_from_file.tcl writing bulk binary data from binary file to Avalon-MM through JTAG-to-Avalon-MM bridge IP

Modules description:

ActionBurst.v multichannel one-shot triggering module
ActionBurst2.v multichannel one-shot triggering with variable steps adding multiple values together in parallel combinational Gray code to binary converter converts binary coded value to positional (one-hot) code wide reference clock divider
debounce.v two-cycle debounce for input buttons useful module to make static delays or to synchronize across clock domains dynamic delay for arbitrary input signal combinational edge detector, gives one-tick pulses on every signal edge
encoder.v digital encoder input logic module
fifo_single_clock_reg_*.sv single-clock FIFO buffer (queue) implementation combinational binary to Gray code converter combinational module that leaves only lowest hot bit single-clock LIFO buffer (stack) implementation basic testbench template
NDivide.v primitive integer divider converts positional (one-hot) value to binary representation converts positional (one-hot) value to binary representation PRBS pattern generator or checker generates pulses with given width and delay configurable pulse stretcher/extender module SR trigger variant w/o metastable state, set dominates here reverses bytes order within multi-byte array reverses signal order within multi-bit bus SR trigger variant w/o metastable state, reset dominates here universal spi master module
UartRx.v straightforward yet simple UART receiver
UartTx.v straightforward yet simple UART transmitter UART-like receiver shifter for simple synchronous messaging inside the FPGA or between FPGAs UART-like receiver shifter for simple synchronous messaging inside the FPGA or between FPGAs
UartRxExtreme.v extreme minimal UART receiver implementation
UartTxExtreme.v extreme minimal UART transmitter implementation

Also added testbenches for selected modules

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