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Instagram Bot

Instagram Bot

📚 Documentation

       🔹 For Turkish documentation
       🔹 English translation of the documentation was made by Can Mıhcı.


An Instagram bot developed using the Selenium Framework


🔵 Download all posts of a single user
🔵 Like or unlike all posts of a single user
🔵 Bulk unfollow
🔵 Bulk comments on a single post
🔵 Bulk unfollow all users that do not follow back
🔵 Delete messages in bulk
🔵 Download highlighted stories
🔵 Download stories
🔵 Download a single post
🔵 Download an IG TV Video
🔵 Follow all the followers of a single user
🔵 Follow all listed users in a file
🔵 Follow all users that have liked a single post
🔵 Follow users based on tag
🔵 Like posts based on tag
🔵 Like or unlike a single post
🔵 Comment on a single post
🔵 Follow or unfollow a user
🔵 Block or unblock a user

Other Features

🔵 Support for two languages: English and Turkish.
🔵 Option of running browser window in normal or incognito modes has been granted.
🔵 A settings menu has been included. Settings menu features language and browser settings.


🔷 You may use the features above by logging into your Instagram account.
🔷 Instagram login for accounts with 2-factor authentication is also possible.
🔷 As the project is currently under development, the 2-factor authentication feature has been set to assume that the 2Fa code is sent to the user's phone number.
🔷 Default language has been set as English.

Configuration Settings

⚙️ Project utilizes Firefox browser as webdriver. This requires Firefox to be installed for the application to work properly.
⚙️ In order to use Firefox webdriver needs to be downloaded and the directory path for the downloaded webdriver needs to be set within config.json.

  • Config Options

⚙️ driver_path: Denotes the Webdriver directory path.
⚙️ headless: Denotes if the browser is visible or not. Default value:true
⚙️ language: Denotes the language of the application.
⚙️ languages: Includes the settings, menu and warning messages for all language options.
⚙️ time: denotes the operation waiting times for all the operations where time.sleep() has been used.

  • Package installation for Windows users

python -m pip install -r .\requirements.txt


🔹 'menu' commands needs to be used for returning to the main menu from any prompt that asks the user for input.



🔹 Operation intervals has been set for a length of time that prevents your account from getting banned for bulk operations of post-likes, user-follows or commenting.
🔹 The operation intervals may be changed from within config.json.
🔹 Has been tested only under Windows.
🔹 Python version: 3.8.1

Technologies used

🔹 Python
🔹 Selenium
🔹 Javascript


🔹 Main menu

Main menu

🔹 Download posts

Download posts

🔹 Like posts

Like posts

🔹 Bulk unfollow

Bulk unfollow

🔹 Bulk commenting

Bulk commenting

🔹 Bulk comment deletion

Bulk comment deletion



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