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Social Manager Tools: IG BOT

🤖 Social Manager Tools: Instagram Bot API

This library (includes bot and API methods) allows you to increase visits, likes and followers on your social profile through different algorithms and offers API for developers to include custom bot functionality in their application. You will increase the likes on your photos and increase your followers!

DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial library and offers no warranty! The developers and contributors of the project do not assume any responsibility in case of ban of your account. Use of instagram bots does not comply with the terms of the service: use this software at your own risk. A "bot" is legal software, but the use of a bot continuously violates the terms of use of Instagram and you risk a: soft ban (such as limited actions or follow-up) or you risk ban with suspension for a few days (or permanent). All trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners.

🎁 Support: Donate

This project is free, open source and I try to provide excellent free support. Why donate? I work on this project several hours a week or in my spare time and try to keep it up to date and working. I do not intend to charge the basic features, but this cannot be done without your financial support, even small. There are professional bots with closed source on the Internet that save the password on the cloud for €14/month: we want to protect your password and offer you a better product than theirs. A lower donation would allow continuous development, ever better quality and the realization of this dream. THANK YOU!

📎 Menu

🔖 Screenshot

💡 Features

  • [✔️] Easy to use
  • [✔️] Login
  • [✔️] 2FA (bad location)
  • [✔️] 2FA (sms pin enabled)
  • [✔️] Multi-Session
  • [✔️] Multi-Platform (Windows 10, Mac OSX, Linux and Raspberry PI)
  • [✔️] Error management feature (bad pin, bad password)
  • [✔️] Screenshot and Verbose logger
  • [✔️] Like Mode Classic: bot selects a random hashtag from a config list and likes 1 random photo, and can repeat this all time.
  • [✔️] Like Mode Realistic: bot selects a random hashtag from a config list and likes fast 10-12 photos, it sleeps 15-20min and repeats this all time. Sleeps at night.
  • [✔️] Like Mode Competitor Users: it selects an account, selects random followers, likes 10-12 photo and sleeps 15-20min. Sleeps at night.
  • [✔️] Like Mode Super like: it selects random hashtag from a config list and likes 3 random photos of the same user.
  • [✔️] Comment Mode Classic: it selects random comments and random hashtags and writes comments under photos.
  • [✔️] Follow/Defollow Classic: follow 30 users, defollow first and rotate (in loop). This method is not detect from socialblade. 300 follow-defollow/day.

👨‍💻 Desktop setup (GUI)

  1. Download Social Manager Tools GUI.
  2. Run application.
  3. If it works add a star 🌟 at this project ❤️
  4. If you want to help me: donate on paypal/ko-fi or become a backer on patreon.

🔨 Fast usage (Source Code)

  1. Download stable, beta or nightly and extract it.
  2. Download Node.js (LTS release) and install it.
  3. Run npm install in socialmanagertools-igbot folder.
  4. Remove .tpl suffix from config.js.tpl file in configs folder and fill it properly.
  5. Start the bot via npm run start
  6. If it works add a star 🌟 at this project ❤️
  7. If you want to help me: donate on paypal/ko-fi or become a backer on patreon.

🔧 Fast usage (NPM Module)

  1. Run npm install @social-manager-tools/[email protected] --save (Available: @latest, @beta and @nightly)
  2. Get config.js file from /node_modules/@social-manager-tools/igbot/configs/ folder.
  3. Remove .tpl suffix from config.js.tpl file in configs folder and fill it properly.
  4. On your code require library, config and run bot, example:
const config = require ("./config");
const Bot = require("@social-manager-tools/igbot");
let bot = new Bot(config);

(async () => {
	await bot.start();

	let api = await bot.api();

	let response = await api.login.flow();

	if (response.status) {
		response = await api.twofa.flow();

	if (response.status) {
		response = await api.mode.flow();

	await bot.stop();
  1. If it works add a star 🌟 at this project ❤️
  2. If you want to help me: donate on paypal/ko-fi or become a backer on patreon.

🐳 Docker setup

If you prefer to run this using Docker, an official container is available from the Docker Hub.

In order to run it, copy the config.js.tpl file (template of available in configs folder), configure it as you prefer, then use it through volume mapping, like in this example:

docker run --restart=always --name=socialmanagertools-igbot -d -v /path/to/configs/config.js:/app/configs/config.js socialmanagertools/igbot:amd64

AVAILABLE TAGS: amd64 (64bit), i386 (32bit),armv7 (Raspberry PI 2 and Raspberry PI 2 ), armv8 (Raspberry PI ARMv8). All point to the master github repository (stable version).

WARNING: with docker is mandatory edit config.js and set chrome_headless on true and set chrome_executable_path to /usr/bin/chromium-browser. Without this manual fix docker don't work.

📚 Documentation

  1. Run npm run docs-init
  2. Run npm run docs

If you want are available online here.

👑 Sponsors

Support this project by becoming a sponsor. 🙏 Become a sponsor on patreon or opencollective. Your logo will show up here with a link to your website.

🦄 Backers

Thank you to all our backers! 🙏 Become a backer on patreon or opencollective

Twitch: prattquellolive

❤️ Contributing

I 💟 contributions! I will happily accept your pull request! Translations, grammatical corrections (GrammarNazi you are welcome! Yes my English is bad, sorry), new modes, best css selectors, fix and new feature! Read Developers Guidelines for best practices. Do not be afraid, if the code is not perfect we will work together 👯 and remember to insert your name in .all-contributorsrc and package.json file.

Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Patryk Rzucidło






Ilua Chubarov


Julian Xhokaxhiu


Léonard Lecouey









💻 🐛





💰 In the future, if the donations allow it, I would like to share some of the success with those who helped me the most. For me open source is share of code, share development knowledges and share donations!

📲 Tools

🐍 Sorry for snake_case

I love snake_case syntax sorry for this 😭 don't hate me.

💫 License

  • Code and Contributions have MIT License
  • Images and logos have CC BY-NC 4.0 License
  • Documentations and Translations have CC BY 4.0 License
Copyleft (c) 2018-2019 Patryk Rzucidło (@PTKDev) <[email protected]>
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