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The Top 159 Selenium Open Source Projects

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Selenium 16,264
A browser automation framework and ecosystem.
Chromeless 13,276
🖥 Chrome automation made simple. Runs locally or headless on AWS Lambda.
Awesome Python Login Model 10,425
Nightwatch 9,887
End-to-end testing framework written in Node.js and using the Webdriver API
Instapy 9,091
📷 Instagram Bot - Tool for automated Instagram interactions
Protractor 8,443
E2E test framework for Angular apps
Examples Of Web Crawlers 5,187
一些非常有趣的python爬虫例子,对新手比较友好,主要爬取淘宝、天猫、微信、豆瓣、QQ等网站。(Some interesting examples of python crawlers that are friendly to beginners. )
Pythonspidernotes 4,340
Docker Selenium 3,667
Docker images for Selenium Grid Server (Standalone, Hub, and Nodes).
Zalenium 2,042
A flexible and scalable container based Selenium Grid with video recording, live preview, basic auth & dashboard.
Panther 1,896
A browser testing and web crawling library for PHP and Symfony
Docker Android 1,702
Android in docker solution with noVNC supported and video recording
Gemini 1,492
💀💀💀[DEPRECATED] Use hermione
Requestium 1,439
Integration layer between Requests and Selenium for automation of web actions.
Uirecorder 1,422
UI Recorder is a multi-platform UI test recorder.
Selenoid 1,404
Selenium Hub successor running browsers within containers. Scalable, immutable, self hosted Selenium-Grid on any platform with single binary.
Watir 1,302
Watir Powered By Selenium
Singlefile 1,178
Web Extension for Firefox/Chrome and CLI tool to save a faithful copy of a complete web page as a single HTML file
Seleniumbase 1,125
✅ Easy Web Automation and Testing with Python.
Taurus 1,098
Automation-friendly framework for Continuous Testing by
Selenium Ide 1,057
Open Source record and playback test automation for the web.
Awesome Regression Testing 1,031
🕶️ A curated list of resources around the topic: visual regression testing
Webdrivermanager 1,007
Automatic management of Selenium WebDriver binaries
Headless 927
Create a virtual X screen from Ruby, record videos and take screenshots.
Seleniumlibrary 820
Web testing library for Robot Framework
Lambda Packs 813
Precompiled packages for AWS Lambda
Selendroid 786
"Selenium for Android" (Test automate native or hybrid Android apps and the mobile web with Selendroid.) Join us on IRC #selendroid on freenode. Also confirm you have signed the CLA when making a Pull Request.
Java Client 765
Java language binding for writing Appium Tests, conforms to Mobile JSON Wire & W3C Webdriver Protocol
Foxr 735
🦊 Node.js API to control Firefox
Fluentlenium 725
FluentLenium is a website & mobile automation framework which extends Selenium to write reliable and resilient UI functional tests. This framework is React ready. Written and maintained by people who are automating browser-based tests on a daily basis.
Autocrawler 667
Google, Naver multiprocess image web crawler (Selenium)
Instagram Profilecrawl 630
📝 quickly crawl the information (e.g. followers, tags etc...) of an instagram profile.
Python3 Spider 579
Python爬虫实战 - 模拟登陆各大网站 包含但不限于:滑块验证、拼多多、美团、百度、bilibili、大众点评、淘宝,如果喜欢请start ❤️
Socialmanagertools Igbot 560
🤖 📷 Instagram Bot made with love and nodejs
Selenium Python 536
Selenium Python Bindings Documentation
Crack Geetest 521
Python Spider 454
Carina 443
Carina automation framework: Web, Mobile, API, DB
Netdiscovery 439
NetDiscovery 是一款基于 Vert.x、RxJava 2 等框架实现的通用爬虫框架/中间件。
Price Monitor 434
Golem 409
A complete test automation tool
Brut3k1t 382
security-oriented bruteforce framework
Minkselenium2driver 366
Selenium2 (webdriver) driver for Mink framework
Selenium Maven Template 357
A maven template for Selenium that will let you check out and go.
Selenium Geetest Crack 353
Webdrivers 327
Keep your Selenium WebDrivers updated automatically
Node Chromedriver 326
An installer and wrapper for Chromedriver.
Instagramcrawler 321
A non API python program to crawl public photos, posts or followers
Atata 268
C#/.NET test automation framework for web
E Commerce Crawlers 260
Selenium Document 256
a document with regard to selenium
Scrapy Selenium 253
Scrapy middleware to handle javascript pages using selenium
Rselenium 246
An R client for Selenium Remote WebDriver
Htmlelements 246
Html Elements is a Java framework providing easy-to-use way of interaction with web-page elements in web-page tests.
Seldom 245
WebUI automation testing framework based on Selenium
Nightwatch Cucumber 244
[DEPRECATED] Cucumber.js plugin for Nightwatch.js.
Serenity Js 241
A node.js library to make acceptance testing faster, more collaborative and easier to scale
Cdp4j 232
cdp4j - Chrome DevTools Protocol for Java
Ggr 229
A lightweight load balancer used to create big Selenium clusters
Selion 226
Enabling Test Automation in Java
The Endorser 225
An OSINT tool that allows you to draw out relationships between people on LinkedIn via endorsements/skills.
Docker Python Chromedriver 223
Dockerfile for running Python Selenium in headless Chrome (Python 2.7 / Python 3.6 / Python 3.7 / Alpine based Python / Chromedriver / Selenium / Xvfb included in different versions)
Alsatian 219
TypeScript testing framework with test cases
Lambdium 211
headless chrome + selenium webdriver in AWS Lambda using the serverless application model
Dorknet 209
Selenium powered Python script to automate searching for vulnerable web apps.
Csdnbot 209
CSDN 资源下载器
Tianyancha 206
pip安装的天眼查爬虫API,指定的单个/多个企业工商信息一键保存为Excel/JSON格式。A Battery-included Scraper API of Tianyancha, the best Chinese business data and investigation platform.
Steward 199
PHP libraries that makes Selenium WebDriver + PHPUnit functional testing easy and robust
Tor Browser Selenium 188
Tor Browser automation with Selenium.
Pytest Selenium 186
Plugin for running Selenium with pytest
Zhihu_fun 181
基于 Selenium 的知乎关键词爬虫
Example Airflow Dags 179
Example DAGs using hooks and operators from Airflow Plugins
Selenoid Ui 178
Graphical user interface for Selenoid project
Dockselpy 175
Dockerized Selenium and Python with support for Chrome, Firefox and PhantomJS
Poium 159
Selenium/appium-based Page Objects test library
Selenium Remote Driver 156
Perl Bindings to the Selenium Webdriver server
Selenium Powershell 156
PowerShell module to run a Selenium WebDriver.
Go Selenium 153
Selenium web driver library written in Go
Pychromeless 151
Python Lambda Chrome Automation (naming pending)
Whatsapp Assistant Bot 150
A personal WhatsApp assistant bot that will help you search anything on the web (Google, Images, Google Maps)
Recheck Web 150
recheck for web apps – change comparison tool with local Golden Masters, Git-like ignore syntax and "Unbreakable Selenium" tests.
Selenium_extensions 143
Tools that will make writing tests, bots and scrapers using Selenium much easier
Bet On Sibyl 141
Machine Learning Model for Sport Predictions (Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer & Tennis)
Code_for_fun 141
Some of my scripts to automate the boring stuff around me
Mastering Junit5 140
Code examples of Mastering Software Testing with JUnit 5
Qtwebdriver 135
WebDriver implementation for Qt
Ayespy 135
A performant visual regression testing tool
Webium 134
Webium is a Page Object pattern implementation library for Python ( It allows you to extend WebElement class to your custom controls like Link, Button and group them as pages.
Xspear 133
Powerfull XSS Scanning and Parameter analysis tool&gem
Botium Core 132
The Selenium for Chatbots
Awesome Java Crawler 132
Testowanieoprogramowania 131
Testowanie oprogramowania - Książka dla początkujących testerów
Selenium Jupiter 130
JUnit 5 extension for Selenium
Autolink 129
AutoLink是一个开源Web IDE自动化测试集成解决方案
Nightwatch Custom Commands Assertions 128
Nightwatch.js custom commands and assertions
Webdriver_manager 123
Scrape Linkedin Selenium 120
`scrape_linkedin` is a python package that allows you to scrape personal LinkedIn profiles & company pages - turning the data into structured json.
Zillow 119
Zillow Scraper for Python using Selenium
Selenese Runner Java 117
Selenium IDE native format (selenese and side) interpreter.
Js Nightwatch Recorder 117
🌙 ⌚️ NightwatchJs recorder for Chrome
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