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Android in docker solution with noVNC supported and video recording
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Android in docker solution with noVNC supported and video recording
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Alternatives To Docker Android
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Docker-Android is a docker image built to be used for everything related to Android. It can be used for Application development and testing (native, web and hybrid-app).

Advantages of using this projects

  1. Emulator with different device profile and skins, such as Samsung Galaxy S6, LG Nexus 4, HTC Nexus One and more.
  2. Support vnc to be able to see what happen inside docker container
  3. Support log sharing feature where all logs can be accessed from web-UI
  4. Ability to control emulator from outside container by using adb connect
  5. Integrated with other cloud solutions, e.g. Genymotion Cloud
  6. It can be used to build Android project
  7. It can be used to run unit and UI-Test with different test-frameworks, e.g. Appium, Espresso, etc.

List of Docker-Images

Android API Image with latest release version Image with specific release version
9.0 28 budtmo/docker-android:emulator_9.0 budtmo/docker-android:emulator_9.0_<release_version>
10.0 29 budtmo/docker-android:emulator_10.0 budtmo/docker-android:emulator_10.0_<release_version>
11.0 30 budtmo/docker-android:emulator_11.0 budtmo/docker-android:emulator_11.0_<release_version>
12.0 32 budtmo/docker-android:emulator_12.0 budtmo/docker-android:emulator_12.0_<release_version>
13.0 33 budtmo/docker-android:emulator_13.0 budtmo/docker-android:emulator_13.0_<release_version>
- - budtmo/docker-android:genymotion budtmo/docker-android:genymotion_<release_version>

List of Devices

Type Device Name
Phone Samsung Galaxy S10
Phone Samsung Galaxy S9
Phone Samsung Galaxy S8
Phone Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Phone Samsung Galaxy S7
Phone Samsung Galaxy S6
Phone Nexus 4
Phone Nexus 5
Phone Nexus One
Phone Nexus S
Tablet Nexus 7


  1. Docker is installed on your system.

Quick Start

  1. If you use Ubuntu OS on your host machine, you can skip this step. For OSX and Windows OS user, you need to use Virtual Machine that support Virtualization with Ubuntu OS because the image can be run under Ubuntu OS only.

  2. Your machine should support virtualization. To check if the virtualization is enabled is:

    sudo apt install cpu-checker
  3. Run Docker-Android container

    docker run -d -p 6080:6080 -e EMULATOR_DEVICE="Samsung Galaxy S10" -e WEB_VNC=true --device /dev/kvm --name android-container budtmo/docker-android:emulator_11.0
  4. Open http://localhost:6080 to see inside running container.

  5. To check the status of the emulator

    docker exec -it android-container cat device_status


  1. Build Android project
  2. UI-Test with Appium
  3. Control Android emulator on host machine
  4. SMS Simulation
  5. Jenkins
  6. Deploying on cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP)


This document contains information about configurations that can be used to enable some features, e.g. log-sharing, etc.


For you who do not have ressources to maintain the simulator or to buy machines or need different device profiles, you can give a try by using Genymotion SAAS. Docker-Android is integrated with Genymotion on different cloud services, e.g. Genymotion SAAS, AWS, GCP, Alibaba Cloud. Please follow this document for more detail.

Emulator Skins

The Emulator skins are taken from Android Studio IDE and Samsung Developer Website




Due to high requests for help and to be able to actively maintain the projects, the creator has decided to create docker-android-pro. Docker-Android-Pro is a sponsor based project which mean that the docker image of pro-version can be pulled only by active sponsor.

The differences between normal version and pro version are:

Feature Normal Pro Comment
user-behavior-analytics Yes No -
proxy No Yes Set up company proxy on Android emulator on fly
language No Yes Set up language on Android emulator on fly
root-privileged No Yes Able to run command with security privileged
headless-mode No Yes Save resources by using headless mode
multiple Android-Simulators No Yes (soon) Save resources by having multiple Android-Simulators on one docker-container
Google Play Store No Yes (soon) -
Video Recording No Yes (soon) Helpful for debugging

This document contains detail information about how to use docker-android-pro.


See License

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