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The AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) CLI is an open-source CLI tool that helps you develop serverless applications containing Lambda functions, Step Functions, API Gateway, EventBridge, SQS, SNS and more. Some of the features it provides are:

  • Initialize serverless applications in minutes with AWS provided infrastructure templates with sam init
  • Compile, build, and package Lambda functions with provided runtimes and with custom Makefile workflows, for zip and image types of Lambda functions with sam build
  • Locally test a Lambda function and API Gateway easily in a Docker container with sam local commands on SAM and CDK applications
  • Sync and test your changes in the cloud with sam sync in your developer environments
  • Deploy your SAM and CloudFormation templates using sam deploy
  • Quickly create pipelines with prebuilt templates with popular CI/CD systems using sam pipeline init
  • Tail CloudWatch logs and X-Ray traces with sam log and sam trace

Get Started

To get started with building SAM-based applications, use the SAM CLI. SAM CLI provides a Lambda-like execution environment that lets you locally build, test, debug, and deploy AWS serverless applications.

Next Steps: Learn to build a more complex serverless application.

What is this Github repository? 💻

This Github Repository contains source code for SAM CLI. Here is the development team talking about this code:

SAM CLI code is written in Python. Source code is well documented, very modular, with 95% unit test coverage. It uses this awesome Python library called Click to manage the command line interaction and uses Docker to run Lambda functions locally. We think you'll like the code base. Clone it and run make pr or ./Make -pr on Windows!

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Contribute to SAM

We love our contributors ❤️ We have over 100 contributors who have built various parts of the product. Read this testimonial from @ndobryanskyy to learn more about what it was like contributing to SAM.

Depending on your interest and skill, you can help build the different parts of the SAM project;

Enhance the SAM Specification

Make pull requests, report bugs, and share ideas to improve the full SAM template specification. Source code is located on Github at awslabs/serverless-application-model. Read the SAM Specification Contributing Guide to get started.

Strengthen SAM CLI

Add new commands or enhance existing ones, report bugs, or request new features for the SAM CLI. Source code is located on Github at awslabs/aws-sam-cli. Read the SAM CLI Contributing Guide to get started.

Update SAM Developer Guide

SAM Developer Guide provides comprehensive getting started guide and reference documentation. Source code is located on Github at awsdocs/aws-sam-developer-guide. Read the SAM Documentation Contribution Guide to get started.

Join the SAM Community on Slack

Join the SAM developers channel (#samdev) on Slack to collaborate with fellow community members and the AWS SAM team.

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