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AWS Serverless Airline Booking

Serverless Airline Booking is a complete web application that provides Flight Search, Payment, Booking and Loyalty points including end-to-end testing, GraphQL and CI/CD. This web application was the theme of Build on Serverless Season 2 on AWS Twitch running from April 24th until August 7th - Check out Twitch branch for the list of 14 episodes.

For more up-to-date information on what's being implemented, take a look at our current Boards.

UPDATE 2021: I'm redesigning the Airline example, including improvements like using latest features, improve security, fix domain boundaries, recreate Continuous Deployment, and a ton of performance improvements (pending Quasar v2 GA).

Planning for Q4 2021 along with a public workshop based on this project - ping @heitor_lessa on Twitter if you ever get stuck.

Serverless Airline Booking sample


To get started with the Serverless Airline application, you can deploy into your AWS Account by following our Get Started instructions


Summary of what the stack looks like now including a picture with the core tech:

  • Front-end - Vue.js as the core framework, Quasar for UI, Amplify for Auth UI component and AWS integration, and Stripe JS with Stripe Elements for card tokenization, validation, etc.
  • Data - All data is modeled after GraphQL types and stored in DynamoDB. Python being the core language for all services except Loyalty that's written in Typescript, and JavaScript for front-end.
  • API - GraphQL is managed by AppSync and also acts as an API Hub to interact with other services. Loyalty implements a REST API to demonstrate how to secure service-to-service communication while maintaining a public endpoint. Payment API is also based on REST to demonstrate an external payment provider.
  • Auth - Cognito provides JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and along with AppSync fine-grained authorization on what data types users can access.
  • Messaging - Booking workflow is managed by Step Functions while SNS provides service-to-service communication through messaging between Booking and Loyalty.

Core stack


Back-end services that makes up the Serverless Airline functionalities as of now:

Service Language Description
Catalog Apache VTL Provides Flight search. CRUD operations including custom indexes are auto-generated by Amplify
Booking Python and Apache VTL Provides new and list Bookings. CRUD operations including custom indexes are auto-generated by Amplify. Business workflow is implemented in Python.
Payment YAML and Python Provides payment authorization, collection and refund. Bulk of Payment integration with Stripe is done via a Serverless Application Repository App. Payment collection and refund operations within Booking business workflow are in Python
Loyalty Typescript Provides Loyalty points for customers including tiers. Fetching and ingesting Loyalty points are implemented in Typescript.


See more information about our Front-end, components, routing and convention

High level infrastructure architecture

Serverless Airline Architecture

License Summary

This sample code is made available under the MIT-0 license. See the LICENSE file.

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