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What is Nhost?

Nhost is a modern open-source Firebase alternative with the same developer experience on the backend as Netlify and Vercel on the frontend.

Nhost's goal is to provide the most productive developer experience to build apps. We use the most popular and powerful technologies and make them easy to use with zero vendor lock-in.

We also provide a workflow from your local development, to staging (coming soon), and finally to production. We try to make your life as a developer as efficient as possible.

A Nhost backend includes a PostgreSQL database, a GraphQL API (with Hasura), Authentication, Storage, and Serverless Functions.

Getting started

Create a Nhost project for free and get your backend in less than a minute.

Start your Nhost project →

How Nhost works

The Nhost stack consists of:

Database PostgreSQL

  • The World's Most Advanced Open Source Relational Database.

Realtime GraphQL (Hasura's GraphQL Engine)

  • Instant GraphQL API based on your database schema.
  • Event trigger webhooks on database changes (insert / update / delete).
  • Connect remote GraphQL schemas.
  • Hasura Actions to extend the GraphQL API with custom business logic.
  • Powerful permission system based on JWT tokens.

Authentication (Hasura Backend Plus)

  • Email / Password.
  • OAuth providers (Google, GitHub, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Spotify, LinkedIn, Windows Live).

Storage (Hasura Backend Plus)

  • Let your users upload and download files / documents / images.
  • S3 like storage API.
  • On-the-fly image transformation.

Custom API / serverless functions

  • Add any business logic to your backend.


Use Nhost GitHub Discussions and join our Discord Server.

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