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Stack on a budget (Free Tier Driven Development FTDD)

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Stack On A Budget is sponsored by Mockoon, the best solution to create mock APIs.

What is it?

This repository offers a collection of services with great free tiers for developers on a budget. Because not everyone has 20$ per month to spend on app or database hosting for every single side-project.

Nowadays, a lot of services are offering really good free tier more than enough for testing small apps and even put them in production. They are just waiting to be used by you.


Feel free to contribute to existing services or add new ones. Please follow the guidelines when submitting, you can find them in, and especially the rules about how to select a service and describe it (free tier, limitations...).

The goal is to have enough details about each free tier so developers can choose whether or not the service suits their needs just by reading the description.

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