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A curated list for awesome kubernetes sources inspired by @sindresorhus' awesome


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What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. It groups containers that make up an application into logical units for easy management and discovery.

Source: What is Kubernetes


Kubernetes is known to be a descendant of Google's system BORG

The first unified container-management system developed at Google was the system we internally call Borg. It was built to manage both long-running services and batch jobs, which had previously been handled by two separate systems: Babysitter and the Global Work Queue. The latters architecture strongly influenced Borg, but was focused on batch jobs; both predated Linux control groups.

Source: Kubernetes Past

Date of Birth

Kubernetes celebrates its birthday every year on 21st July. Kubernetes 1.0 was released on July 21 2015, after being first announced to the public at Dockercon in June 2014.


The awesome-kubernetes will now soon be available in the form of different releases and package bundles, It means that you can download the awesome kubernetes release up to a certain period of time, The release for awesome kubernetes 2015 bundle is released. Checkout the releases column for more info.

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