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Firebase & GCP

Take a look at awesome-firebase for an overview of the latest tools in the ecosystem!

Code samples

Legend: Theory, Examples & Comments.

Examples are for Firebase unless otherwise denoted with gcp-. Most can be translated to GCP without much effort.

Post Repo
Next.js on Firebase: hybrid SSG/SSR with Google Cloud Run cloudrun-nextjs 🆕
Next.js on Firebase: hybrid SSG/SSR with Cloud Functions functions-nextjs(updated!)
Nuxt.js on Firebase: SSR with Cloud Functions functions-nuxtjs
State of Firebase (late 2019)
Next.js on Firebase: SSR with Cloud Functions functions-nextjs(updated!)
Runtime Secret Decryption with Node.js on Cloud Run gcp-cloudrun-berglas
Apollo GraphQL & Cloud Functions for Firebase functions-graphql-apollo
Express.js & Cloud Functions for Firebase functions-express
3 Best Features of Google Cloud Run
State of Cloud Functions (mid 2019)
Cron & Cloud Functions for Firebase cron
Awesome Firebase Announcement awesome-firebase
Cloud Functions w Compiled Code
Cloud Functions w Babel, Flow & TypeSript functions-w-babel
Cloud Functions w ParcelJS functions-w-parcel
State of Firebase (late 2018)
Babel & preset-env
Firebase Package Names and Bundle Sizes namespaced pkgs
Exploring Cloud Functions for Firebase

For all my blog posts, see my Medium Table of Contents post.

Deprecated Posts & Examples
OLD (to be replaced) Technical Blog posts Repo/Folder
ES6+ in Cloud Functions for Firebase #2 firebase-functions-babel-example
Next.js on Cloud Functions for Firebase with Firebase Hosting firebase-functions-next-example
GraphQL Server on GCP Cloud Functions gcp-functions-graphql


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

James Hegedus
James Hegedus

Michael Lustig
Michael Lustig


Matthias Bruns
Matthias Bruns

Charles Thomas
Charles Thomas

Dan Tavelli
Dan Tavelli

Joseph Roddy
Joseph Roddy

Mat Warger
Mat Warger

Daniel R
Daniel R


Rio Martinez
Rio Martinez

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

Some contributors listed above contributed to earlier repositories and versions of these examples, so although they may not appear in this repo's graphs/contributors list, they helped nonetheless. Thanks.

Please note: I do intend to write a blog post about each of the examples here. I have a lot of examples in various stages of progress that I will release when I have the blog post written. If you wish to contribute to examples prior to a post being written I will of course credit all contributions to each particular example

If you have a request please open an issue so we can discuss how & why it should be implemented.

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