🤖 Powerful asynchronous state management, server-state utilities and data fetching for the web. TS/JS, React Query, Solid Query, Svelte Query and Vue Query.
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Query36,38251,1738 hours ago491January 25, 202342mitTypeScript
🤖 Powerful asynchronous state management, server-state utilities and data fetching for the web. TS/JS, React Query, Solid Query, Svelte Query and Vue Query.
Swr27,9851388921 hours ago148July 26, 202383mitTypeScript
React Hooks for Data Fetching
React Refetch3,43815725a month ago82January 20, 202050otherJavaScript
A simple, declarative, and composable way to fetch data for React components
Use Http2,2775354 months ago102May 04, 202385mitTypeScript
🐶 React hook for making isomorphic http requests
React Async2,12640071a month ago90March 27, 202057iscJavaScript
🍾 Flexible promise-based React data loader
Data Client1,834
a day ago3apache-2.0TypeScript
Async State Management without the Management
Alova1,744126 days ago125August 29, 202312mitTypeScript
Request strategy library for MVVM libraries such as Vue.js, React.js and Svelte.js
Cross Fetch1,58714,3084,9142 months ago49July 03, 202310mitJavaScript
Universal WHATWG Fetch API for Node, Browsers and React Native.
React Async Hook1,13022727 months ago26September 24, 202128TypeScript
React hook to handle any async operation in React components, and prevent race conditions
Frisbee1,120721910 months ago62July 10, 2020n,ullmitJavaScript
:dog2: Modern fetch-based alternative to axios/superagent/request. Great for React Native.
Alternatives To Query
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TanStack Query Header

Hooks for fetching, caching and updating asynchronous data in React, Solid, Svelte and Vue

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Enjoy this library? Try the entire TanStack! TanStack Table, TanStack Router, TanStack Virtual, React Charts, React Ranger

Visit tanstack.com/query for docs, guides, API and more!

Still on React Query v2? No problem! Check out the v2 docs here: https://github.com/TanStack/query/tree/2.x/docs/src/pages/docs.
Still on React Query v3? No problem! Check out the v3 docs here: https://tanstack.com/query/v3/docs/.

Quick Features

  • Transport/protocol/backend agnostic data fetching (REST, GraphQL, promises, whatever!)
  • Auto Caching + Refetching (stale-while-revalidate, Window Refocus, Polling/Realtime)
  • Parallel + Dependent Queries
  • Mutations + Reactive Query Refetching
  • Multi-layer Cache + Automatic Garbage Collection
  • Paginated + Cursor-based Queries
  • Load-More + Infinite Scroll Queries w/ Scroll Recovery
  • Request Cancellation
  • React Suspense + Fetch-As-You-Render Query Prefetching
  • Dedicated Devtools
  • (depending on features imported)

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