Serverless Express

Run Express and other Node.js frameworks on AWS Serverless technologies such as Lambda, API Gateway, Lambda@Edge, and more.
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Serverless Express5,106
25 days ago81apache-2.0JavaScript
Run Express and other Node.js frameworks on AWS Serverless technologies such as Lambda, API Gateway, Lambda@Edge, and more.
Grant3,957210548 months ago99October 06, 202321mitJavaScript
OAuth Proxy
Iron Session3,248383 months ago58November 21, 202319mitTypeScript
🛠 Secure, stateless, and cookie-based session library for JavaScript
Express Gateway2,86728419 months ago48April 29, 202176apache-2.0JavaScript
A microservices API Gateway built on top of Express.js
Node Typescript Boilerplate2,471
7 months ago2November 24, 20231apache-2.0TypeScript
Minimalistic project template to jump start a Node.js back-end application in TypeScript. ESLint, Jest and type definitions included.
Serverless Http1,65244221710 months ago50March 11, 202359otherJavaScript
Use your existing middleware framework (e.g. Express, Koa) in AWS Lambda 🎉
Openapi Backend5975354 months ago122October 09, 202380mitTypeScript
Build, Validate, Route, Authenticate and Mock using OpenAPI
Serverless Boilerplate Express Typescript504
7 months ago1mitTypeScript
🚀🎉📚 Boilerplate and Starter for Serverless framework, ExpressJS, TypeScript, Prisma and MongoDB ⚡️ Made with developer experience first: Serverless framework + Live reload + Offline support + ExpressJS + TypeScript + ESLint + Prettier + Husky + Commitlint + Lint-Staged + Jest + Dotenv + esbuild + VSCode
Aws Lambda Fastify46986 months ago12November 20, 20237mitJavaScript
Insipired by aws-serverless-express to work with Fastify with inject functionality.
3 years ago30otherJavaScript
⚡ Take existing Express.js apps and host them easily on cheap, auto-scaling, serverless infrastructure (AWS Lambda and AWS HTTP API).
Alternatives To Serverless Express
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