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The Top 82 Mocha Open Source Projects

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Nodebestpractices 37,266
✅ The largest Node.js best practices list (November 2019)
Mocha 18,756
☕️ simple, flexible, fun javascript test framework for node.js & the browser
Enzyme 18,268
JavaScript Testing utilities for React
Karma 11,024
Spectacular Test Runner for JavaScript
Javascript Testing Best Practices 6,478
📗🌐 🚢 Comprehensive and exhaustive JavaScript & Node.js testing best practices (August 2019)
Webdriverio 5,367
Next-gen WebDriver test automation framework for Node.js
Practicalnode 3,550
Practical Node.js, 1st and 2nd Editions [Apress] 📓
Express Mongoose Es6 Rest Api 2,525
💥 A boilerplate application for building RESTful APIs Microservice in Node.js using express and mongoose in ES6 with code coverage and JsonWebToken Authentication
Teaspoon 1,440
Teaspoon: Javascript test runner for Rails. Use Selenium, BrowserStack, or PhantomJS.
Node Coveralls 949
lcov posting to
Chakram 909
REST API test framework. BDD and exploits promises
Unit Test Demo 745
Mochawesome 733
A Gorgeous HTML/CSS Reporter for Mocha.js
Vue Webpack Typescript 674
A Vue, Webpack, Typescript, Bootstrap setup with hot reload, dynamic imports, unit testing, code coverage, sass, uncss and bundling/minification.
Pact Js 647
JS version of Pact. Pact is a contract testing framework for HTTP APIs and non-HTTP asynchronous messaging systems.
Jest Codemods 639
Codemods for migrating to Jest 👾
Public 600
Repository for wallaby.js questions and issues
React Progressive Web App 545
An opinionated React based repository which is optimized for Progressive Web App development.
Istanbuljs 471
monorepo containing the various nuts and bolts that facilitate istanbul.js test instrumentation
Jsdom Global 390
Enable DOM in Node.js
React Hot Redux Firebase Starter 374
🌋 React + Redux + Firebase + Webpack + React Hot Loader 3 + React Router in one boilerplate
Grunt Mocha 372
[MOVED] Grunt task for running mocha specs in a headless browser (PhantomJS)
Gulp Mocha 368
Run Mocha tests
Mochify.js 333
☕️ TDD with Browserify, Mocha, Headless Chrome and WebDriver
Sazerac 314
Data-driven unit testing for Jasmine, Mocha, and Jest
Node Express Mongodb Jwt Rest Api Skeleton 310
This is a basic API REST skeleton written on JavaScript using async/await. Great for building a starter web API for your front-end (Android, iOS, Vue, react, angular, or anything that can consume an API). Demo of frontend in VueJS here:
Hstardoc 271
My blogs write with markdown.
Ember Cli Page Object 260
This ember-cli addon eases the construction of page objects on your acceptance and integration tests
Ember Exam 251
Run your tests with randomization, splitting, and parallelization for beautiful tests.
Nspec 229
A battle hardened testing framework for C# that's heavily inspired by Mocha and RSpec.
Eslint Plugin Mocha 221
ESLint rules for mocha
Co Mocha 217
Enable support for generators in Mocha tests
Rxjs Marbles 212
An RxJS marble testing library for any test framework
Eth Gas Reporter 210
Gas usage per unit test. Average gas usage per method. A mocha reporter.
Yarsk 201
Don't use this, use Create React App
Vue Skeleton Mvp 198
VueJs, Vuetify, Vue Router and Vuex skeleton MVP written on JavaScript using async/await built to work with API REST skeleton:
Mocha.parallel 190
Run async mocha specs in parallel
Babel Plugin Tester 185
Utilities for testing babel plugins
Feathers Vue 181
A boiler plate template using Feathers with Email Verification, Vue 2 with Server Side Rendering, stylus, scss, jade, babel, webpack, ES 6-8, login form, user authorization, and SEO
Testdeck 178
Object oriented testing
Mocha Parallel Tests 174
Parallel test runner for mocha tests
Redux Actions Assertions 174
Simplify testing of redux action and async action creators
Aws Lambda Typescript 174
This sample uses the Serverless Application Framework to implement an AWS Lambda function in TypeScript, deploy it via CloudFormation, publish it through API Gateway to a custom domain registered on Route53, and document it with Swagger.
Angular Js Es6 Testing Example 169
Enhanced testing of Angular JS 1.X applications using ES6 modules
Dialetus Service 169
API to Informal dictionary for the idiomatic expressions that each Brazilian region It has
React Redux Universal Boilerplate 164
An Universal ReactJS/Redux Boilerplate
Snap Shot 161
Jest-like snapshot feature for the rest of us, works magically by finding the right caller function
Ember Cli Mocha 148
Mocha and Chai tests for ember-cli applications
Breko Hub 145
Babel React Koa Hot Universal Boilerplate
Cadence Web 142
Web UI for visualizing workflows on Cadence
Mocha Loader 139
Mocha Loader
Ekke 138
Ekke is a test runner for React-Native, it allows you to execute your test code directly on the device enabling you to test in the same environment as your production users.
Serverless Mocha Plugin 137
Plugin for Serverless Framework which adds support for test-driven development using Mocha
163music 137
🎵163 music web app built with Vue 2.6, server side render, webpack 4
Redux Saga Testing 129
A no-brainer way of testing your Sagas
Snap Shot It 109
Smarter snapshot utility for Mocha and BDD test runners + data-driven testing!
Cracking The Coding Interview Javascript Solutions Ctci 108
Javascript solutions to Cracking the Coding Interview (CTCI)
Mochawesome Report Generator 105
Standalone mochawesome report generator. Just add test data.
Serverless Jest Plugin 97
Plugin for Serverless Framework which adds support for test-driven development using Jest
Mochapack 97
Mocha test runner with integrated webpack precompiler
Hapi Starter Kit 94
Hapi.js based REST boilerplate which uses latest ES7/ES8 features (async/await) with code coverage and follows best pratices
React Theming 90
Makes React themable with React-Storybook
Cookiecutter Webpack 85
Boilerplate for webpack 2, babel, react + redux + hmr, and karma. Can be inserted into existing django projects.
Karma Webpack Example 83
Karma + Webpack + Mocha + Chai + Istanbul
Serverless Boilerplate 78
Serverless project template
React Base 78
atSistemas React/Redux Isomorphic Platform
Jsdoctest 71
Run jsdoc examples as doctests.
App Template 68
Boilerplate for Angular apps
Gulp Mocha Phantomjs 67
run client-side Mocha tests with PhantomJS
Mocha Chrome 64
☕️ Run Mocha tests using headless Google Chrome
Suman 57
🌇 🌆 🌉 Advanced, user-friendly, language-agnostic, super-high-performance test runner.
Browser Monkey 53
Reliable DOM testing
Bombanauts 47
Bombanauts, inspired by the original Bomberman game, is a 3D multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game where players can throw bombs at each other, make boxes explode, and even other players!
Should Enzyme 39
Useful functions for testing React Components with Enzyme.
Wdio Mocha Framework 38
A WebdriverIO plugin. Adapter for Mocha testing framework.
Interactive Image 36
A jQuery plugin to embed interactive images on your website.
Bigtest 24
Test Big. Test with Satisfaction. [Moved to an organization] --->
Helm Test 19
A mocha based testing CLI for helm packages
Jobsort 18
job board that queries hacker news who is hiring job listings from a database and sorts by tech the user knows and how well the user knows them
Calc 16
Unit Testing in JavaScript
Tvrboreact 12
Dream starter project: React, Redux, React Router, Webpack
Atom Mocha Test Runner 10
Run your Atom package tests using Mocha
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