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The Top 140 Mock Open Source Projects

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Vue Element Admin 49,427
🎉 A magical vue admin
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Mockito 10,119
Most popular Mocking framework for unit tests written in Java
Nock 9,149
HTTP server mocking and expectations library for Node.js
Mockery 9,036
Mockery is a simple yet flexible PHP mock object framework for use in unit testing with PHPUnit, PHPSpec or any other testing framework. Its core goal is to offer a test double framework with a succinct API capable of clearly defining all possible object operations and interactions using a human readable Domain Specific Language (DSL).
D2 Admin 8,159
🌈 An elegant dashboard
Easy Mock 7,385
A persistent service that generates mock data quickly and provids visualization view.
Antd Admin 7,107
An excellent front-end solution for enterprise applications built upon Ant Design and UmiJS
Ohhttpstubs 4,419
Stub your network requests easily! Test your apps with fake network data and custom response time, response code and headers!
Mockk 2,762
mocking library for Kotlin
Rewire 2,665
Easy monkey-patching for node.js unit tests
Go Sqlmock 2,241
Sql mock driver for golang to test database interactions
Pester 2,104
Pester is the ubiquitous test and mock framework for PowerShell.
Nx Admin 1,992
👍 A magical 🐮 ⚔ vue admin,记得star
Httpretty 1,763
HTTP client mocking tool for Python - inspired by Fakeweb for Ruby
Graphql Faker 1,667
🎲 Mock or extend your GraphQL API with faked data. No coding required.
Mockoon 1,666
Mockoon is the easiest and quickest way to run mock APIs locally. No remote deployment, no account required, open source.
Duckrails 1,635
Development tool to mock API endpoints quickly and easily (docker image available)
Mockit 1,402
A tool to quickly mock out end points, setup delays and more...
Nsubstitute 1,312
A friendly substitute for .NET mocking libraries.
Mocky 1,284
Generate custom HTTP responses, the simpler way to test your Web Services
Cuckoo 1,177
Boilerplate-free mocking framework for Swift!
Logginginterceptor 1,022
An OkHttp interceptor which has pretty logger for request and response. +Mock support
Mocha 1,020
Mocha is a mocking and stubbing library for Ruby
Service Mocker 1,018
🚀 Next generation frontend API mocking framework
Gock 954
Expressive HTTP traffic mocking and testing made easy in Go ༼ʘ̚ل͜ʘ̚༽
Reactspa 891
combination of react teconology stack
Mongodb Memory Server 889
Spinning up mongod in memory for fast tests. If you run tests in parallel this lib helps to spin up dedicated mongodb servers for every test file in MacOS, *nix, Windows or CI environments (in most cases with zero-config).
Dyson 793
Node server for dynamic, fake JSON.
Pytest Mock 697
Thin-wrapper around the mock package for easier use with py.test
Nei Toolkit 687
NEI 接口文档管理平台配套自动化工具
Swiftymocky 632
Framework for automatic mock generation. Adds a set of handy methods, simplifying testing. One of the best and most complete solutions, including generics support and much more.
Android Testing Guide 629
[Examples] Complete reference for Android Testing with examples.
Retrofitcache 583
Kakapo.js 532
🐦 Next generation mocking framework in Javascript
Phprap 527
PHPRAP,是一个PHP轻量级开源API接口文档管理系统,致力于减少前后端沟通成本,提高团队协作开发效率,打造PHP版的RAP。如果您觉得PHPRAP对您有用的话,别忘了给点个赞哦^_^ !
Vue Admin Webapp 504
this is a admin project
Mmock 457
Mmock is an HTTP mocking application for testing and fast prototyping
Easy Mock Cli 449
Create api.js for Easy-Mock.
Httmock 399
A mocking library for requests
S3monkey 392
A Python library that allows you to interact with Amazon S3 Buckets as if they are your local filesystem.
Swiftmockgeneratorforxcode 391
An Xcode extension (plugin) to generate Swift test doubles automatically.
Lyrebird 385
Mimic 370
Seamless client side mocking
Nothing 353
A chainable, callable mock object which always returns itself
Vue Admin Html 348
Vue-cli3.0 + Element UI + Spring Boot2.0 + ThinkPHP5.1 + 响应式的后台管理系统
Rewiremock 316
The right way to mock dependencies in Node.js or webpack environment.
Fakerest 313
Patch fetch/XMLHttpRequest to fake a REST API server in the browser, based on JSON data.
React Spa 310
React Redux,适合中大型规模应用开发,注释还算详细,配置有TypeScript、 CSS Modules、React-Router 4、koa接口mock请求等。接口埋点报错统一处理。
Macaca Datahub 310
Continuous data provider for development, testing, staging and production. Just enjoy the data out-of-the-box.📦
Service Pattern Go 307
Simple clean Go REST API architecture with dependency injection and mocking example, following SOLID principles.
Mastermind 302
Man in the middle testing
Binee 280
Binee: binary emulation environment
Firebase Mock 279
Firebase mock library for writing unit tests
Dva Admin 272
dva admin antd dashboard
Guzzler 265
Supercharge your app or SDK with a testing library specifically for Guzzle
Php Mock 264
Mock built-in PHP functions (e.g. time(), exec() or rand())
Mockman 251
Manage and start the mock servers on your local platform easily
List Of Testing Tools And Frameworks For .net 247
✅ List of Automated Testing (TDD/BDD/ATDD/SBE) Tools and Frameworks for .NET
Vue Cms 238
基于 Vue 和 ElementUI 构建的一个企业级后台管理系统
Faker 231
Provides fake data to your Android apps :)
Pook 229
Versatile and expressive HTTP traffic mocking and testing made simple in Python
Mockito 226
HTTP mocking for Rust!
Http Fake Backend 222
Build a fake backend by providing the content of JSON files or JavaScript objects through configurable routes.
Okhttp Json Mock 222
Mock your datas for Okhttp and Retrofit in json format in just a few moves
Mockiato 221
A strict, yet friendly mocking library for Rust 2018
S3mock 215
A simple mock implementation of the AWS S3 API startable as Docker image, JUnit 4 rule, or JUnit Jupiter extension
Dgate 209
an API Gateway based on Vert.x
Shallow Render 207
Angular testing made easy with shallow rendering and easy mocking.
Maka 196
Maka.js, a react framework using Microservice Architecture
Node Mock Server 194
File based Node REST API mock server
Pegomock 192
Pegomock is a powerful, yet simple mocking framework for the Go programming language
Charlatan 192
Go Interface Mocking Tool
Fflib Apex Mocks 191
An Apex mocking framework for true unit testing in Salesforce, with Stub API support
Mujina 188
A mock IDP and SP using the OpenSAML library
Jest Localstorage Mock 185
A module to mock window.localStorage and window.sessionStorage in Jest
Python Mocket 177
a socket mock framework - for all kinds of socket animals, web-clients included
Vuex Mock Store 177
✅Simple and straightforward Vuex Store mock for vue-test-utils
Mockito Scala 174
Mockito for Scala language
Xhr Mock 167
Utility for mocking XMLHttpRequest.
Fake Xrm Easy 162
The testing framework for Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 which runs on an In-Memory context and deals with mocks or fakes for you
Mockinizer 160
An okhttp / retrofit api call mocking library
Raml Server 159
run a mocked server JUST based on a RAML API's definition .. zero coding
Sinon Jest Cheatsheet 158
Some examples on how to achieve the same goal with either of both libraries: sinon and jest. Also some of those goals achievable only by one of these tools.
Interceptor 154
A browser extension to mock AJAX requests at the browser level
Randomdata 154
Random data generator
Aeromock 152
Lightweight mock web application server
Easyfun 148
a project using react antd webpack es6
Morphlingjs 147
A CLI to mock with meaningful data a REST API from a Swagger file
Vue Blog 147
🎉 基于vue全家桶 + element-ui 构建的一个后台管理集成解决方案
Mocktopus 145
Mocking framework for Rust
Msw 144
Deviation-free client-side runtime API mocking using Service Workers.
Easy_mock_api 142
easy mock json api
Ekke 138
Ekke is a test runner for React-Native, it allows you to execute your test code directly on the device enabling you to test in the same environment as your production users.
Vue Cli Multi Page 136
基于vue-cli模板的多页面多路由项目,一个PC端页面入口,一个移动端页面入口,且有各自的路由, vue+webpack+vue-router+vuex+mock+axios
Jquery.fbmessenger 132
Fake Facebook Messenger interactions on an iPhone with a simple jQuery plugin!
Faux 132
Traitless Mocking Library for Rust
Smoke 131
💨 Simple yet powerful file-based mock server with recording abilities
Gunit 129
GUnit - Google.Test/Google.Mock/Cucumber on steroids
Superagent Mocker 124
Pretty simple in-browser mocks for CRUD and REST API
Ava Playback 122
📼 🚀 Record and playback http requests from your ava tests
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