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The Top 61 Webdriver Open Source Projects

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Selenium ⭐16,361
A browser automation framework and ecosystem.
Appium ⭐10,622
📱 Automation for iOS, Android, and Windows Apps.
Nightwatch ⭐9,903
End-to-end testing framework written in Node.js and using the Webdriver API
Protractor ⭐8,449
E2E test framework for Angular apps
Webdriverio ⭐5,367
Next-gen WebDriver test automation framework for Node.js
Intern ⭐4,156
A next-generation code testing stack for JavaScript.
Geckodriver ⭐3,777
WebDriver for Firefox
Docker Selenium ⭐3,688
Docker images for Selenium Grid Server (Standalone, Hub, and Nodes).
F2etest ⭐2,972
Panther ⭐1,897
A browser testing and web crawling library for PHP and Symfony
Uirecorder ⭐1,431
UI Recorder is a multi-platform UI test recorder.
Seleniumbase ⭐1,144
✅ Easy Web Automation and Testing with Python.
Selenium Ide ⭐1,069
Open Source record and playback test automation for the web.
Selendroid ⭐786
"Selenium for Android" (Test automate native or hybrid Android apps and the mobile web with Selendroid.) Join us on IRC #selendroid on freenode. Also confirm you have signed the CLA when making a Pull Request.
Selenium Python ⭐537
Selenium Python Bindings Documentation
Webdriver ⭐445
Remote control interface that enables introspection and control of user agents.
Etaoin ⭐435
Pure Clojure Webdriver protocol implementation
Ashot ⭐430
WebDriver Screenshot utility. Take screenshots, crop, prettify, compare
Golem ⭐409
A complete test automation tool
Minkselenium2driver ⭐369
Selenium2 (webdriver) driver for Mink framework
Selenium Maven Template ⭐358
A maven template for Selenium that will let you check out and go.
Mochify.js ⭐333
☕️ TDD with Browserify, Mocha, Headless Chrome and WebDriver
Webdrivers ⭐331
Keep your Selenium WebDrivers updated automatically
Instagram Crawler ⭐326
Get Instagram posts/profile/hashtag data without using Instagram API
Fantoccini ⭐308
A high-level API for programmatically interacting with web pages through WebDriver.
Winium.desktop ⭐281
Winium.Desktop is Selenium Remote WebDriver implementation for automated testing of Windows application based on WinFroms and WPF platforms.
Atata ⭐271
C#/.NET test automation framework for web
Wargo ⭐258
Easy Rust to WebAssembly
Htmlelements ⭐247
Html Elements is a Java framework providing easy-to-use way of interaction with web-page elements in web-page tests.
Rselenium ⭐246
An R client for Selenium Remote WebDriver
Cdp4j ⭐232
cdp4j - Chrome DevTools Protocol for Java
Selion ⭐227
Enabling Test Automation in Java
Steward ⭐199
PHP libraries that makes Selenium WebDriver + PHPUnit functional testing easy and robust
Pytest Selenium ⭐186
Plugin for running Selenium with pytest
Selenoid Ui ⭐180
Graphical user interface for Selenoid project
Nosmoke ⭐157
A cross platform UI crawler which scans view trees then generate and execute UI test cases.
Arsenic ⭐152
Async WebDriver implementation for asyncio and asyncio-compatible frameworks
Xctestwd ⭐149
A Swift implementation of WebDriver server for iOS that runs on Simulator/iOS devices.
Qtwebdriver ⭐135
WebDriver implementation for Qt
Webium ⭐134
Webium is a Page Object pattern implementation library for Python ( It allows you to extend WebElement class to your custom controls like Link, Button and group them as pages.
Autolink ⭐129
AutoLink是一个开源Web IDE自动化测试集成解决方案
Webdriver_manager ⭐124
Java.webdriver ⭐116
Browser test automation using Selenium WebDriver in Java
Python Scripts ⭐113
Collection of Various Python Script's.💻
Wp E2e Tests ⭐110
Automated end-to-end tests for
Csharp.webdriver ⭐97
Browser test automation using Selenium WebDriver in C#
Webdriverextensions ⭐83
Make your WebDriver based Selenium tests more readable, reusability and maintainable by using WebDriver Extensions!
Xebium ⭐75
Xebium provides Selenium (webdriver) bindings for FitNesse, with Selenium-IDE support
Webdriver.dart ⭐73
Dart WebDriver client
Automation Arsenal ⭐73
Curated list of popular Java and Kotlin frameworks, libraries and tools related to software testing, quality assurance and adjacent processes automation.
Cabbie ⭐70
WebDriver for the masses
Seleniumjavacourse ⭐66
Selenium Java Code for all selenium sessions - WebDriver, TestNG, POI, etc...
Webdriver Rust ⭐60
Library implementing the wire protocol for the W3C WebDriver standard.
Seleniumwithcucucumber ⭐58
In this project we will discuss working Selenium with cucumber
Java.appium ⭐56
Mobile test automation using Appium in Java
Tib ⭐54
Easy e2e browser testing in Node
Rules_webtesting ⭐52
Bazel rules to allow testing against a browser with WebDriver.
Arquillian Extension Drone ⭐46
Arquillian Drone provides a simple way to write functional tests for web apps. Drone brings the power of WebDriver into the Arquillian, and the power of Arquillian to WebDriver.
Memedensity ⭐44
CLI tool to let you know amount of memes in facebook feed.
Wdio Workshop ⭐17
WebdriverIO Workshop
Karma Event Driver Ext ⭐16
use webdriverio like api in browser with karma lol
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