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Boommenu 5,452
A menu which can ... BOOM! - Android
Hamburgers 5,415
Tasty CSS-animated Hamburgers
Side 4,929
Side menu with some categories to choose.
Sidemenu 3,973
Simple side/slide menu control for iOS, no code necessary! Lots of customization. Add it to your project in 5 minutes or less.
Persei 3,208
Animated top menu for UITableView / UICollectionView / UIScrollView written in Swift
Sidr 2,945
Sidr is a jQuery plugin for creating side menus and the easiest way for doing your menu responsive.
Guillotinemenu Android 2,698
Neat library, that provides a simple way to implement guillotine-styled animation
Side Menu.ios 2,657
Animated side menu with customizable UI
Mmenu Js 2,280
The best javascript plugin for app look-alike on- and off-canvas menus with sliding submenus for your website and webapp.
Teaset 2,153
A UI library for react native, provides 20+ pure JS(ES6) components, focusing on content display and action control.
Spotmenu 1,919
Spotify and iTunes in your menu bar
Context Menu.ios 1,878
You can easily add awesome animated context menu to your app.
Metismenu 1,786
A jQuery menu plugin
Layerjs 1,746
layerJS: Javascript UI composition framework
Dopdropdownmenu Enhanced 1,691
DOPDropDownMenu 添加双列表 优化版 新增图片支持(double tableView, The optimization version ,new add image,detailText)
Cli Menu 1,509
🖥 Build beautiful PHP CLI menus. Simple yet Powerful. Expressive DSL.
Pushy 1,460
Pushy is a responsive off-canvas navigation menu using CSS transforms & transitions.
Igldropdownmenu 1,204
An iOS drop down menu with pretty animation and easy to customize.
Yndropdownmenu 1,168
✨ Awesome Dropdown menu for iOS with Swift 5.0
Vuecirclemenu 1,143
🐰A beautiful circle menu powered by Vue.js
Knpmenu 993
Menu Library for PHP5
Ftpopovermenu 908
FTPopOverMenu is a pop over menu for iOS which is maybe the easiest one to use. Supports both portrait and landscape. It can show from any UIView, any UIBarButtonItem and any CGRect.
Circlemenu 881
CircleMenu is a simple, elegant menu with a circular layout.
Flowingmenu 878
Interactive view transition to display menus with flowing and bouncing effects in Swift
Simple Navigation 859
A ruby gem for creating navigations (with multiple levels) for your Rails, Sinatra or Padrino applications. Render your navigation as html list, link list or breadcrumbs.
Duo Navigation Drawer 859
A flexible, easy to use, unique drawer library for your Android project.
Popmenu 850
A fully customizable popup style menu for iOS 😎
Contextmenu 812
An iOS context menu UI inspired by Things 3.
Dropdownmenu 809
DropDownMenu for Android,Filter the list based on multiple condition.
Kycirclemenu 795
An iOS UI control that allows you to build a circular menu by laying out buttons in a circle pattern adjusting from the number of buttons (1~6).
Fapanels 781
FAPanels - Swift
Popover 690
Ybpopupmenu 687
Luxbar 626
🍸 Featherweight, Responsive, CSS Only Navigation Bar
Llslidemenu 586
This is a spring slide menu for iOS apps - 一个弹性侧滑菜单
Android Snake Menu 579
imitate Tumblr's menu, dragging animations look like a snake
Slinky 571
A light-weight, responsive, mobile-like navigation menu plugin
Vhboommenubutton 547
A menu which can ... BOOM! - iOS
Hvscrollview 537
Laravel Menu 528
Html menu generator for Laravel
Fabrevealmenu Master 521
A general purpose android UI library to show a user show menu in accordance of Floating action button with material design guidelines.
Superslide.js 495
A flexible, smooth, GPU accelerated sliding menu for your next PWA
Fan Menu 464
Menu with a circular layout based on Macaw
Finicky 450
A macOS app for customizing which browser to start
Dlwidgetmenu 415
Versatile solution for displaying widget menus. Easily adjustable with custom layouts and/or animations. 412
Anylayer 399
React Contexify 375
Add a context menu to your react app with ease
Sppagemenu 346
React Motion Menu 339
[DEPRECATED] 🍔 A spring animation menu component for React.
Radialmenu 313
A highly customizable radial menu that's very easy to setup.
Fabsmenu 299
A simple library to use a menu of FloatingActionButtons from Design Support Library that follow Material Design Guidelines
Arduinomenu 292
Arduino generic menu/interactivity system
Django Sitetree 288
Reusable application for Django introducing site tree, menu and breadcrumbs navigation elements.
Knife 281
A burp extension that add some useful function to Context Menu 添加一些右键菜单让burp用起来更顺畅
Easydropdown 272
A lightweight library for building beautiful styleable <select> elements
Vc Popup 269
一个行为标准的vue popup组件集
Ember Burger Menu 260
An off-canvas sidebar component with a collection of animations and styles using CSS transitions
Menuspy 259
A JavaScript library to make navigation menus highlight the item based on currently in view section.
Selectmenu 258
Simple, easily and diversity menu solution
Kyarctab 248
Arcuated tab view controller with toggleing animation, 2 ~ 4 tabs are enabled. What's more, you can swipe left or right to toggle the views.
Flutter_radial_menu 245
A simple animated radial menu widget for Flutter.
Ftpopovermenu_swift 237
FTPopOverMenu_Swift, swift version of FTPopOverMenu. FTPopOverMenu is a pop over menu for iOS which is maybe the easiest one to use. Supports both portrait and landscape. It can show from any UIView, any UIBarButtonItem and any CGRect.
Ifmmenu 230
Timomenu 230
📋A pop-up menu for android that supports multi-row scrollable submenus.
Jgmenu 228
A simple X11 menu
Dropdownmenukit 220
UIKit drop down menu, simple yet flexible and written in Swift
Dropdowns 219
💧 Fantastic dropdown in Swift
Autoconnect 219
An Arduino library for ESP8266/ESP32 WLAN configuration at runtime with the Web interface
Bubbleactions 209
An open source implementation of the long press actions in the Pinterest app.
Fwpopupview 209
Angular Aside 199
Off canvas side menu to use with ui-bootstrap.
Azdropdownmenu 196
A simple dropdown menu component for iPhone
Vue Bloom Menu 195
this is a menu based on vue
Dragfloatingactionbutton 182
Vue Menu 170
Menu/Contextmenu Component for vue2
Jquery Ui Contextmenu 163
jQuery plugin that turns a jQueryUI menu widget into a context menu.
Ax5ui Kernel 157
Javascript UI Framework - AX5UI - Kernel Module
Coordinatormenu 147
The library creates a floating menu like the app momo, vtcpay, wepay
Brisk Menu 142
An efficient menu for the MATE Desktop
Chinese Lunar Calendar For Mac 139
Chinese Lunar Calendar for Mac
Arduino Menusystem 136
Arduino library for implementing a menu system
Swiftpagemenu 135
Customizable Page Tab Menu Controller 👍
React Site Nav 132
A kick ass site menu powered by styled components inspired by Stripe.
Kwdrawercontroller 130
Drawer view controller that easy to use!
Igcmenu 126
Grid and Circular Menu for iOS.
Rhsidebuttons 125
Library provides easy to implement variation of Android (Material Design) Floating Action Button for iOS. You can use it as your app small side menu. 🌶
Zgui 123
zxvnme's graphical user interface
React Horizontal Scrolling Menu 118
Horizontal scrolling menu component for React.
Sheetmenu 116
Library for speedy implementation menu with BottomSheet
V Selectmenu 116
SelectMenu for Vuejs, A simple, easier and highly customized menu solution
Urpm 115
urpm 是一套基于Laravel封装的后台用户管理权限系统,能够让开发者不用再关心权限问题,实现后台功能的快速开发。
Springactionmenu 111
This is a spring ActionMenu - 一个弹性的功能菜单
Xlslidemenu 107
iOS 仿QQ的左右抽屉效果
Springfabmenu 107
A menu of FloatingActionButton items, designed to be anchored on an AppBarLayout.
Bootstrap Dropdown Hover 99
Bootstrap based responsive mulltilevel dropdown navigation menu with fascinating animations
Vmenu 91
vMenu is a custom server sided trainer/menu, built using a custom version of NativeUI. It has full permissions support, so the server owner can decide who's allowed to do what.
Bmenu 90
A general purpose terminal menu that focuses on ease of configuration and use.
Floatingactionmenu 87
I got the original code from douo here -
Hc Offcanvas Nav 81
jQuery plugin for creating toggled off-canvas multi-level navigations, allowing endless nesting of submenu elements.
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