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Ray's comprehensive configuration archive.


pacman -S stack
stack install fast-tags ghc-mod hoogle hscope hledger pointfree pointful


Default applications:

See home/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list and related desktop entries.

Gentoo Portage:

  • collected many utilities to facilitate day-to-day shell usage (notable: GNU Parallel, ImageMagick, Unison, renameutils, TaskWarrior)
  • servers/clients/tools related to network (MongoDB, ProFTPd, Nginx, PostgreSQL, Redit, ...)
  • programming related application collections including compilers (GHC, OCaml, SBCL, Guile, Node.js, GNU Smalltalk, Erlang, Vala, etc) and many development tools


  • use fasd to navigate the filesystem hierarchy
  • numerous aliases
  • decent autocomplete settings


  • Haskell, Ruby, Node.js, Python, C++ and Web development settings
  • lots of key bindings
  • Many goodies including Global, Ack, EasyMotion, CtrlP, Syntastic, UltiSnips, Tabular


  • organize applications on topic basic
  • a great many bindings (perhaps over one hundred) for window arrangement, x11 utilities and so on
  • scratchpads for ghci, ocaml, coffee, erl (Erlang), node (Node.js), R, pry (Ruby), ipython, lua, gst (GNU Smalltalk), task (taskwarrior), alsa-mixer, etc
  • direction-based navigation via XMonad.Actions.Navigation2D
  • website launcher for wikipedia, google, duckduckgo, github,, etc

X resources:

  • XTerm
  • URxvt
  • XScreenSaver
  • ...

Systemd services:


  • Mutt
  • GDB
  • Tmux
  • Mailcap
  • Pentadactyl (for Firefox)
  • Udev
  • Xorg
  • ...

Have a look at my Linux desktop config (in Chinese) for my choice of desktop applications.


  • @pyx (Philip Xu) My config absorbs quite a few ideas from his well-organized config. He is also my abecedarian leading me to discover the mysterious FOSS world. Thank you, Philip!
  • @adam8157 (Adam Lee)
  • @roylez (Roy Zuo)
  • @laurentb (Laurent Bachelier)
  • @terlar (Terje Larsen)

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