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This is how I do computers. If you want to do computers like me this is the repository for you. It assumes an macOS environment. If you run Linux or Windows then this repo may not be for you.

There's two main branches: master and ck. ck is for my work. If you're not me I'd recommend using master.

There's a Makefile that sets everything up. Run make help to see available commands. Running make with no arguments kicks off the default target. It should just work . If it doesn't please open an issue or email me.

It's important to note that I use Fish Shell. If this scares you that's okay. But you shouldn't be scared. Fish Shell is amazing. Bash is also fully supported but I don't spend my day-to-day in it so it's possible I might miss keeping it as up-to-date as my fish stuffs.

Pretty much every file & folder in this directory gets symlinked into my ~ folder and prepended with a . via rcm.

Questions? Comments? Open an issue or tweet @jsatk.


$ git clone [email protected]:jsatk/dotfiles.git ~/.dotfiles # Installing in ~/.dotfiles is important.
$ cd ~/.dotfiles
$ make

Running make will set up all your dotfiles and install a ton of useful stuff like...

  • Installs homebrew.
  • Installs all the formulas, casks, and apps (from the macOS App Store) I want.
    • To see what's installed via homebrew checkout the Brewfile.
  • Installs various versions of languages via asdf (no nvm, rvm, etc.).
  • Installs some global npm packages and gems.
    • To see what gems & npm packages are installed checkout the Makefile.
  • Create symlinks for all the dotfiles via rcm.
  • Update everything! This was design so that it can be ran repeatedly and be non-harmful. It only installs stuff as needed.

If you plan on using this yourself you'll need to make sure to change all the stuff that's specific to me (like my email address & name) in the dotfiles. Search for "Jesse" or "jsatk" and replace any mention of that with your own name, etc.


Big thanks to these people for publishing their own dotfiles and allowing me to steal from them.

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