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The Top 33 Fish Shell Open Source Projects

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Fisher ⭐4,091
A package manager for the fish shell.
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Awesome Fish ⭐1,717
A curated list of packages, prompts, and resources for the fish shell.
Zsh History Substring Search ⭐1,178
🐠 ZSH port of Fish history search (up arrow)
Fish Cookbook ⭐1,089
Tips and recipes for fish, from shell to plate.
Virtualfish ⭐718
A Fish wrapper for Ian Bicking's virtualenv, based loosely on Doug Hellman's virtualenvwrapper for Bash.
Spacefish ⭐669
πŸš€πŸŸ The fish shell prompt for astronauts
Powerline Extra Symbols ⭐580
▢️ Extra glyphs for your powerline separators
Fish Nvm ⭐559
Pure-fish, Node.js version manager.
Symfony Console Autocomplete ⭐422
Shell autocompletion for Symfony Console based scripts
Fzf ⭐372
Ef-🐟-ient fish keybindings for fzf
Dtags ⭐351
Directory Tags for Lazy Programmers
Fish Kubectl Completions ⭐337
kubectl completions for fish shell
Fishtape ⭐251
TAP-based test runner for the fish shell.
Done ⭐239
A fish-shell package to automatically receive notifications when long processes finish.
Fish Spark ⭐192
▁▂▃▅▂▇ in your fish shell.
Dotfiles ⭐162
My personal dotfiles.
Fish Pipenv ⭐152
🐟🐍 a fish plugin that automatically activates the pipenv subshell
Fish Getopts ⭐145
Parse CLI options in fish.
Plugin Nvm ⭐136
Node version manager wrapper for Fish shell
Pisces ⭐124
♓️Fish shell plugin that helps you to work with paired symbols in the command line
Packages Main ⭐107
Primary Oh My Fish package repository.
Fish Bd ⭐95
Quickly go back to a parent directory up in your current working directory tree. Don't write 'cd ../../..' redundantly, use bd instead.
Dotfiles ⭐85
πŸ“ My dotfiles for macOS using Fish/Zsh, Neovim, and Tmux
Sdkman For Fish ⭐74
Adds support for SDKMAN! to fish
Fish New Prompt ⭐71
Minimal, fast, no dependency, unobtrusive, pretty prompt that is easy to hack on, but not overblown with configuration options.
Fish Gitio ⭐65
Create a tiny URL. Powered by
Fish Git Util ⭐58
Convenient git utility functions for the fish shell
Angel Ps1 ⭐55
Your fancy shell prompt fed by your guardian angel
Fish Prompt Metro ⭐46
Fast, git-aware, space-conscious, powerline prompt
Breeze ⭐40
git tool for fish-shell
To Fish ⭐25
Bookmarks for Fish Shell
Gitignore ⭐24
Create .gitignore files from templates
Dotfiles ⭐6
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