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The Top 413 Command Line Open Source Projects

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Terminal ⭐58,158
The new Windows Terminal and the original Windows console host, all in the same place!
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Pm2 ⭐31,752
Node.js Production Process Manager with a built-in Load Balancer.
Tldr ⭐26,148
📚 Simplified and community-driven man pages
Ripgrep ⭐18,433
ripgrep recursively searches directories for a regex pattern ⭐18,270
the only cheat sheet you need
Bat ⭐17,992
A cat(1) clone with wings.
Powershell ⭐17,715
PowerShell for every system!
Cli ⭐13,176
A simple, fast, and fun package for building command line apps in Go
Ink ⭐12,799
🌈 React for interactive command-line apps
Micro ⭐12,497
A modern and intuitive terminal-based text editor
Fd ⭐12,411
A simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to 'find'
Inquirer.js ⭐11,985
A collection of common interactive command line user interfaces.
Linux Command ⭐11,649
Goaccess ⭐10,799
GoAccess is a real-time web log analyzer and interactive viewer that runs in a terminal in *nix systems or through your browser.
Ctop ⭐9,508
Top-like interface for container metrics
Command Line Text Processing ⭐9,081
⚡️ From finding text to search and replace, from sorting to beautifying text and more 🎨
Terminalizer ⭐8,902
🦄 Record your terminal and generate animated gif images or share a web player
Exa ⭐8,730
A modern version of ‘ls’.
Cz Cli ⭐8,205
The commitizen command line utility.
Neofetch ⭐7,973
🖼️ A command-line system information tool written in bash 3.2+
Dat ⭐7,804
💾 peer-to-peer sharing & live syncronization of files via command line
Sampler ⭐7,719
Tool for shell commands execution, visualization and alerting. Configured with a simple YAML file.
Nnn ⭐7,503
🐬 The missing terminal file manager for X.
Q ⭐7,338
q - Run SQL directly on CSV or TSV files
Gitsome ⭐6,763
A supercharged Git/GitHub command line interface (CLI). An official integration for GitHub and GitHub Enterprise:
Conemu ⭐6,543
Customizable Windows terminal with tabs, splits, quake-style, hotkeys and more
Google Images Download ⭐6,447
Python Script to download hundreds of images from 'Google Images'. It is a ready-to-run code!
Hug ⭐6,140
Embrace the APIs of the future. Hug aims to make developing APIs as simple as possible, but no simpler.
Soar ⭐5,855
SQL Optimizer And Rewriter
Navi ⭐5,680
An interactive cheatsheet tool for the command-line
Usql ⭐5,667
Universal command-line interface for SQL databases
Prompts ⭐5,644
❯ Lightweight, beautiful and user-friendly interactive prompts
Xsv ⭐5,598
A fast CSV command line toolkit written in Rust.
Terminal Notifier ⭐5,196
Send User Notifications on macOS from the command-line.
Enquirer ⭐5,079
Stylish, intuitive and user-friendly prompts.
Hexyl ⭐5,046
A command-line hex viewer
Hyperfine ⭐4,767
A command-line benchmarking tool
Rtv ⭐4,448
Browse Reddit from your terminal
Carbon Now Cli ⭐4,438
🎨 Beautiful images of your code — from right inside your terminal.
Googler ⭐4,219
👀 Google from the terminal
Shiori ⭐3,865
Simple bookmark manager built with Go
Clap ⭐3,778
A full featured, fast Command Line Argument Parser for Rust
Mdp ⭐3,693
A command-line based markdown presentation tool.
Broot ⭐3,595
A new way to see and navigate directory trees :
Buku ⭐3,384
🔖 Browser-independent bookmark manager
Promptui ⭐3,212
Interactive prompt for command-line applications
Caporal.js ⭐3,009
A full-featured framework for building command line applications (cli) with node.js
Go Prompt ⭐2,846
Building powerful interactive prompts in Go, inspired by python-prompt-toolkit.
Kingpin ⭐2,813
CONTRIBUTIONS ONLY: A Go (golang) command line and flag parser
Lisk Sdk ⭐2,685
🔩 Lisk software development kit
Doitlive ⭐2,681
Because sometimes you need to do it live
Pastel ⭐2,599
A command-line tool to generate, analyze, convert and manipulate colors
Gif For Cli ⭐2,594
Pet ⭐2,518
Simple command-line snippet manager, written in Go.
Miller ⭐2,330
Miller is like awk, sed, cut, join, and sort for name-indexed data such as CSV, TSV, and tabular JSON
Jquery.terminal ⭐2,289
jQuery Terminal Emulator - web based terminal
Doctl ⭐2,228
The official command line interface for the DigitalOcean API.
Laravel Zero ⭐2,136
A PHP framework for console artisans
Git Recall ⭐2,108
An interactive way to peruse your git history from the terminal
Meow ⭐2,074
🐈 CLI app helper
Arduino Cli ⭐2,064
Arduino command line interface
Commandline ⭐1,896
The best C# command line parser that brings standardized *nix getopt style, for .NET. Includes F# support
Picocli ⭐1,826
Picocli is a modern framework for building powerful, user-friendly, GraalVM-enabled command line apps with ease. It supports colors, autocompletion, subcommands, and more. In 1 source file so apps can include as source & avoid adding a dependency. Written in Java, usable from Groovy, Kotlin, Scala, etc.
Sqlcheck ⭐1,819
Automatically identify anti-patterns in SQL queries
Qoa ⭐1,819
Minimal interactive command-line prompts
Git Town ⭐1,768
Generic, high-level Git workflow support!
Ddgr ⭐1,732
🦆 DuckDuckGo from the terminal
You Dont Need Gui ⭐1,675
Stop relying on GUI; CLI **ROCKS**
Fac ⭐1,644
Easy-to-use CUI for fixing git conflicts
Gpustat ⭐1,624
📊 A simple command-line utility for querying and monitoring GPU status
Survey ⭐1,606
A golang library for building interactive prompts with full support for windows and posix terminals.
Websocat ⭐1,530
Command-line client for WebSockets, like netcat (or curl) for ws:// with advanced socat-like functions
Shpotify ⭐1,499
A command-line interface to Spotify
Warp ⭐1,482
Secure and simple terminal sharing
Coinmon ⭐1,455
💰 The cryptocurrency price tool on CLI. 🖥
Grmon ⭐1,412
Command line monitoring for goroutines
Cointop ⭐1,367
The fastest and most interactive terminal based UI application for tracking cryptocurrencies
Climate ⭐1,345
The swiss-army knife of utility tools for Linux.
Asciigraph ⭐1,309
Go package to make lightweight ASCII line graph ╭┈╯ in command line apps with no other dependencies.
Tmsu ⭐1,280
TMSU lets you tags your files and then access them through a nifty virtual filesystem from any other application.
Commandlineutils ⭐1,232
Command line parsing and utilities for .NET
Command Line Api ⭐1,208
System.CommandLine: Command line parsing, invocation, and rendering of terminal output.
Itermplot ⭐1,175
An awesome iTerm2 backend for Matplotlib, so you can plot directly in your terminal.
Oh ⭐1,150
A new Unix shell.
Guaka ⭐1,140
The smartest and most beautiful (POSIX compliant) Command line framework for Swift 🤖
Swiftline ⭐1,132
Swiftline is a set of tools to help you create command line applications.
Tsv Utils ⭐1,128
eBay's TSV Utilities: Command line tools for large, tabular data files. Filtering, statistics, sampling, joins and more.
Rat ⭐1,118
Compose shell commands to build interactive terminal applications
Sandmap ⭐1,068
Nmap on steroids. Simple CLI with the ability to run pure Nmap engine, 31 modules with 459 scan profiles.
Sd ⭐1,039
Intuitive find & replace CLI (sed alternative)
Yq ⭐1,024
Command-line YAML and XML processor - jq wrapper for YAML/XML documents
Slop ⭐1,020
Simple Lightweight Option Parsing - ✨ new contributors welcome ✨
Clikt ⭐998
Multiplatform command line interface parsing for Kotlin
Nodejs Cli Apps Best Practices ⭐968
The largest Node.js CLI Apps best practices list ✨
Rang ⭐916
A Minimal, Header only Modern c++ library for terminal goodies 💄✨
Aruba ⭐869
Test command-line applications with Cucumber-Ruby, RSpec or Minitest. The most up to date documentation can be found on Cucumber.Pro (
Progressbar ⭐856
A really basic thread-safe progress bar for Golang applications
N_m3u8dl Cli ⭐856
[.NET] m3u8 downloader 开源的命令行m3u8/HLS下载器,支持普通AES-128解密、普通优酷DRM解密,多线程,断点续传,自定义请求头等.
Shell Functools ⭐832
Functional programming tools for the shell
Taskell ⭐831
Command-line Kanban board/task manager with support for Trello boards and GitHub projects
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