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If there is a shell, there is a way

Hey, these are the dotfiles that I use.

It includes my [z/ba/fi]sh, [v/nv/mv/gv]im, emacs, tmux, git, i3, karabiner, tig, newsboat, hammerspoon , ... config files.

How to use

Use gnu-stow to link the files.

For example if you need my nvim config clone the repo then inside the repo use: stow nvim This will symlink the necessary files.

git clone --recursive ~/.dotfiles
cd ~/.dotfiles
stow nvim

Tools I use a lot

... ...
fzf Fuzzy find anything ripgrep Insanely fast grepping
z Quickly jump around common directories jq Query into json objects
jiq jq but interactive isync Mail sync
mpd Music player daemon parallel Prarllel xargs
git-absorb Automatic --fixup restic Sane backup solution
syncthing Sane multi device sync tool KDE Connect Connect your phone and PC
axel Download accelerator imagemagick Image manipulation via cli
ffmpeg Video editing via cli todo-txt-cli Simple todo management
lsd ls but much more icdiff Colorful side by side diff
diff-so-fancy Better git diff dasht Offline documentation browser
pandoc Convert from and to multiple formats hub Github extension for git
lf Better version of ranger alacritty Fast simple terminal emulator
ddgr Duckduckgo search from cli chafa Image viewer in terminal
tmux Terminal multiplexer hammerspoon Control mac using lua
pixel-picker Color picker for mac Karabiner Elements Keyboard remapping
activity-watch Track your computer usage Next DNS A really good dns thingy
nix A sane package manager fd Faster find
notmuch Simple mail indexer maccy Macos clipboard manager
meetingbar View next meeting in your statusbar insomnia Simpler postman
ledger Plaintext double entry accounting pup HTML parser for cli
entr Run commands on file change mpv Simple but really powerful media player


You can find more screenshots on #5

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