Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


bar               > awesome
compositor        > picom
fonts             > iosevka nerd font,material-icons,ttf-anka-coder
image viewer      > feh
irc               > weechat
multimedia        > mpv,ncmpcpp,mpc,alsa
program launcher  > awesome
PDF viewer        > zathura
terms             > xst
wm                > awesome
mails             > offlineimap,msmtp and neomutt

A list of dependendies can be found here if need. For an old wallpaper, search here.

Table of contents

Installation for the last theme

There are two way to install the last themes/lines

The method with chezmoi only work with a theme for awesomewm and only for supported distrib Gentoo, Archlinux or Debian.
You can try on other distributions like Centos, Ubuntu... at your own risk and peril :)


If you are blocked with stow or need more explanations, see the wiki page before post an issue.


Here all the vim plugins i use:

name description name description
ale asynchronous check vim-devicons add icon to vim
colorizer colorize hexa code vim-tmux-navigator used with tmux
indentLine display indentation level nerdtree tree explorer
lightline top, bottom bar vim-gitgutter git diff in sign column
lightline-bufferline extend lightline

On gentoo (with ninjatools):

sudo emerge -av app-vim/lightline gitgutter nerdtree pathogen app-vim/ale vim-devicons app-vim/colorizer vim-tmux-navigator indentline lightline-bufferline

And for all the vim colorscheme i use, with pathogen

./install --vim


For the shell, i use zsh with plugins oh-my-zsh with spaceship-prompt.
You can install theses repos with:

./install --zsh


To recover all the wallpapers i used, you need to install wget and execute a:

./install --images

You have to launch this each time a new theme come.
It's all for the setup :)


For awesomewm, i use Iosevka Nerd Font, SpaceMono Nerd Font and Material Design Icons Desktop.
To install all the fonts (in ~/.local/share/fonts), you can use my script too, for archlinux, you may prefer the install with AUR instead.

./install --fonts



Last:themes/lines term: xst, vim-color: vamp, font: Iosevka Term Nerd Font.

lines screenshot lines 2 lines 3

themes/morpho term: xst, vim-color: darkest-space, font: Iosevka Term Nerd Font.


themes/miami term: xst, vim-color: fromthehell, font: Space Mono Nerd Font.

terms (xst) - lightline.vim - tmux
miami screenshot


themes/lost [term]: kitty [vim-color] OceanicNext, [font] Nerd Roboto Mono.
Lost screenshot

themes/sombra [term]: kitty [vim-color] material.vim, [font] Anka/Coder.
Sombra screenshot


themes/city, [wm]: i3 or subtle. [term]: termite or kitty. [vim-color] darkest-space City screenshot

Other screenshots

More screenshots are available at unix-portfolio.


Any support will be greatly appreciated, star the repo, a coffee, donation, thanks you !

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