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Computational Cognitive Neuroscience, Fourth Edition

This is the 4th edition of the online, freely available textbook, providing a complete, self-contained introduction to the field of Computational Cognitive Neuroscience, where computer models of the brain are used to understand a wide range of cognitive functions, including perception, attention, motor control, learning, memory, language, and executive function.

The first part of this textbook develops a coherent set of computational and neural principles that capture the behavior of networks of interconnected neurons, and the second part applies these principles to understand the above-listed cognitive functions.

Web page:


Please use the following links to download the formatted version of the book:

  • PDF --- best for printing

  • ePub --- opens in e.g., Mac iBooks

  • Kindle / MOBI --- you can email this to yourself at your amazon kindle account to get it on your device:

  • --- you can pay $2.99 (lowest price possible) to have Amazon upload the book to your kindle, or roughly $35 for them to send you an on-demand paperback print version (in color)

  • HTML --- single big HTML file --- NOTE: this does not display all of the math correctly, so you should use one of the other formats above for Chapters 2 and 4.

Note: if you click on book and the individual .md files in there (which is the raw source for the text), you can read the text but the figure captions will not show up, and there will be a { width } styling tag after figures.

Simulation Exercises

The simulation exercises that go with the book are available under this same organization in github, in the sims repository:

These are updated with the new Go / Python version of emergent:

Lecture Videos

Thanks to Covid-19, video lectures by O'Reilly @ UC Davis are being recorded: YouTube Playlist


Please use this citation for the text:

O'Reilly, R. C., Munakata, Y., Frank, M. J., Hazy, T. E., and Contributors (2012). Computational Cognitive Neuroscience. Wiki Book, 4th Edition (2020). URL:

(you could update year to 2020 but maybe better to just keep using the 2012 citation --- either way is fine)


  author={Randall C. O'Reilly and Yuko Munakata and Michael J. Frank and Thomas E. Hazy and Contributors},
  title={Computational Cognitive Neuroscience},
  publisher={Online Book, 4th Edition, URL: \url{}},



This is the 4th edition of the online, freely available textbook, originally written in MediaWiki and hosted on

This version is written in markdown format, and converted into various other end-user formats using pandoc with the assistance of the python script.


  • ch7: fix bg description of da learning --- kinda buried

  • ch7: update PVLV to latest bvPVLV version --- use pvlv readme?

  • ch8: update theta, add pmn / atn stuff --- in general discussion is a bit disorganized and out-of-date.

  • ch10: todo: nback model, hierarchical control model

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