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Virgilio Data Science

Virgilio is an open-source initiative, aiming to mentor and guide anyone in the world of the Data Science. Our vision is to give everyone the chance to get involved in this field, get self-started as a practitioner, gain new skills and learn to navigate through the infinite web of resources and find the ones useful for you.

-----> Meet Virgilio now!

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What is Virgilio?

Studying and reading through the Internet means swimming in an infinite jungle of chaotic information, even more so in rapidly changing innovative fields.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when trying to approach Data Science without a real path to follow?

Are you tired of clicking Run, Run, Run.. on a Jupyter Notebook, with that false sense of confidence given by the comfort zone of the work of others?

Have you ever got confused because of the several and contradicting names for the same algorithm or approach, from different websites and fragmented tutorials?

Virgilio addresses these critical issues for free, for everyone.

Enter in the new web version of Virgilio!


Virgilio is developed and maintained by these awesome people. You can email us virgilio.datascience (at) or join the Discord chat.


That's awesome! Check the contribution guidelines and get involved in our project!


Contents are released under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. Code is released under the MIT license. The Virgilio image comes from here.

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