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Welcome to Streamlit 👋

The fastest way to build and share data apps.

Streamlit lets you turn data scripts into sharable web apps in minutes, not weeks. Its all Python, open-source, and free! And once youve created an app you can use ourcloud platformto deploy, manage, and share your app!

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pip install streamlit
streamlit hello

Streamlit can also be installed in a virtual environment on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

A little example

Streamlit makes it incredibly easy to build interactive apps:

import streamlit as st

x = st.slider('Select a value')
st.write(x, 'squared is', x * x)

A bigger example

Streamlit's simple and focused API lets you build incredibly rich and powerful tools. This demo project lets you browse the entire Udacity self-driving-car dataset and run inference in real-time using the YOLO object detection net.

Final App Animation

The complete demo is implemented in less than 300 lines of Python. In fact, the app contains only 23 Streamlit calls which illustrates all the major building blocks of Streamlit. You can try it right now at

The Streamlit GitHub badge

Streamlit's GitHub badge helps others find and play with your Streamlit app.

Streamlit App

Once you deploy your app, you can embed this badge right into your GitHub as follows:

[![Streamlit App](](

More Information

Community Cloud

With Community Cloud you can deploy, manage, and share your apps with the world, directly from Streamlit all for free. Sign-up here.


Streamlit is completely free and open-source and licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

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