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alttab is X11 window switcher designed for minimalistic window managers or standalone X11 session.

  alttab  [-w N] [-d N] [-sc N] [-mk <str>] [-kk <str>] [-bk <str>]
  [-pk <str>] [-nk <str>] [-ck <str>] [-mm <N>] [-bm <N>]
  [-t NxM] [-i NxM] [-vp str] [-p str] [-s N] [-theme name] [-bg color]
  [-fg color] [-frame color] [-font name] [-v|-vv]

(see man page for details)

Unlike task switchers integrated in most simple window managers (WM) or dmenu-like switchers, alttab features visual interface and convenient tactile behaviour: press modifier (Alt) - multiple switch with a key (Tab) - release modifier. Also, it's lightweight and depends only on basic X11 libs, conforming to the usage of lightweight WM.


git clone
cd alttab
./configure && sudo make install

See for details and doc/ for window manager settings.

Usually it should run fully functional without any argument: alttab.

See also

no-wm: use X11 without a window manager

alttab (C) Alexander Kulak <sa-dev AT odd POINT systems> 2016-2020

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