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GF(GoFrame) is a modular, powerful, high-performance and production-ready application development framework of golang. Providing a series of core components and dozens of practical modules, such as: cache, logging, containers, timer, resource, validator, database orm, etc. Supporting web server integrated with router, cookie, session, middleware, logger, configure, template, https, hooks, rewrites and many more features.

If you're a newbie to Go, you may consider GoFrame easy and great as Laravel in PHP, SpringBoot in Java or Django in Python.


go get -u -v

suggested using go.mod:

require latest


golang version >= 1.11



  1. Primary Package

    The gf repository maintains some basic and most commonly used packages, keeping it as lightweight and simple as possible.

  2. Community Package

    The community packages are contributed and maintained by community members, which are hosted in gogf organization. Some of the community packages are separated from the gf repository, which are not of common usage or are with heavy dependencies.


Here's the most popular Golang frameworks and libraries performance testing result in WEB Server. Performance testing cases source codes are hosted at:


OS   : Ubuntu 18.04 amd64
CPU  : AMD A8-6600K x 4
MEM  : 32GB
GO   : v1.13.4

Testing Tool

ab: Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool.


ab -t 10 -c 100
ab -t 10 -c 100
ab -t 10 -c 100

The concurrency starts from 100 to 10000.

Run 5 times for each case of each project and pick up the best testing result.

1. Hello World

Throughputs Mean Latency P99 Latency

2. Json Response

Throughputs Mean Latency P99 Latency



It's recommended learning GoFrame through its awesome source codes and API reference.


GF is licensed under the MIT License, 100% free and open-source, forever.

Part Of Users

We list part of the users here, if your company or products are using GoFrame, please let us know here.


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [Contributors].


We currently accept donation by Alipay/WechatPay, please note your github/gitee account in your payment bill. If you like GF, why not buy developer a cup of coffee?


We appreciate any kind of sponsorship for GF development. If you've got some interesting, please contact WeChat 389961817 / Email [email protected].



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