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The Top 39 I3 Open Source Projects

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Rofi ⭐5,355
Rofi: A window switcher, application launcher and dmenu replacement
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I3 ⭐4,137
i3-gaps – i3 with more features (forked from
I3blocks ⭐1,643
A feed generator for text based status bars
I3lock Fancy ⭐1,099
i3lock script that takes a screenshot of the desktop, blurs the background and adds a lock icon and text
Dotfiles ⭐739
Get ready for dotfiles. Contains i3, i3blocks, rofi, dunst, picom, vim, tmux, and zsh.
I3blocks Contrib ⭐679
Official repository for community contributed blocklets
Dotfiles ⭐536
🐲 My Arch Linux config [i3-gaps + i3blocks + Zsh + Spacemacs + Rofi + Alacritty + Neofetch]
I3ipc Python ⭐503
🐍 An improved Python library to control i3wm and sway.
I3 Style ⭐493
🎨 Make your i3 config a little more stylish.
Dotfiles ⭐453
Let's be honest: mostly Emacs.
J4 Dmenu Desktop ⭐444
A fast desktop menu
I3pystatus ⭐397
A complete replacement for i3status
Direwolf Arch Rice ⭐381
🐺🍚 A guide to replicating my riced Arch Linux set-up.
Jgmenu ⭐315
A simple X11 menu
Dotfiles ⭐290
A collection of my personal dotfiles
Corrupter ⭐238
Simple image glitcher suitable for producing nice looking lockscreens
Dotfiles ⭐224
Configuration for Arch Linux, i3, kitty, kakoune, zsh and more + installation guide
I3 Gaps Deb ⭐199
Tool to create and install Debian (or Ubuntu) packages of i3-gaps.
Dotfiles ⭐174
My [NeoVim + Tmux + Fish Shell] Setup /w install scripts
Luastatus ⭐149
universal status bar content generator
I3wm Config ⭐149
my i3wm config
Wsl Dotfiles ⭐139
My dotfiles for running an i3-based environment within the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).
I3 Battery Popup ⭐136
A script that shows warning messages to the user when the battery is almost empty. For i3wm users.
I3 Wm Gruvbox Theme ⭐136
An i3-wm gruvbox theme implementation
Alttab ⭐116
The task switcher for minimalistic window managers or standalone X11 session
I3 Gnome Pomodoro ⭐116
πŸ… Integrate gnome-pomodoro into i3
I3 Wm Config ⭐99
I3 tiling window manager configuration
Wallutils ⭐91
πŸŒ† Utilities for handling monitors, resolutions, wallpapers and timed wallpapers
I3config.vim ⭐79
Vim syntax highlighting for i3 config πŸ‘ˆ
Dotfiles ⭐78
πŸ’€ dotfiles! managed by GNU stow
I3lock Fancy Rapid ⭐67
A faster implementation of i3lock-fancy.
I3ipc Glib ⭐62
A C interface library to i3wm
Dotfiles ⭐58
🐧 Configuration files
I3 Quickterm ⭐57
A small drop-down terminal for i3
I3 Config ⭐57
I3-gaps configuration
I3 Autodisplay ⭐57
i3wm multiple monitors auto configuration
I3wsr ⭐55
Change i3-wm workspace names based on content
I3_workspaces ⭐46
Workspace manager for i3-wm
I3 Linux Config Tokyo Rice ⭐45
My config files for i3-gaps and Linux, first rice.
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