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This script uses the i3ipc-python library to switch the layout splith/splitv depending on the currently focused window dimensions. It works on both sway and i3 window managers.

Inspired by

See on YouTube:

Auto-tiling in action


  1. Install autotiling. Possible methods:

    • PyPi.

      PyPi Version

      autotiling is available from PyPi, so you can install it with

      pip install autotiling
    • Arch Linux

      Packaging status

      For the latest development version use autotiling-git.

    • Manually

      1. Install the python-i3ipc>=2.0.1 package (or whatever it's called in your Linux distribution).
      2. Save the file anywhere, make executable and autostart in your i3/sway config file: exec /path/to/the/script/ on sway or exec_always --no-startup-id /path/to/the/script/ on i3. You can give the file another name.
    • Snap

      snap install autotiling

    NOTE: The current release and master branch is compatible with sway >= 1.5. For lower versions you need to use the script from the sway14 branch or the 0.9 release.

  2. Add exec autotiling to the ~/.config/sway/config or exec_always --no-startup-id autotiling to the ~/.config/i3/config file.

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