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2 months ago347apache-2.0TypeScript
Switch hosts quickly!
11 days ago345bsd-3-clausePython
Emulator for rapid prototyping of Software Defined Networks
8 months ago3November 21, 20219mitJava
🔥No repackage, switch environment with one click.(无需重新打包,一键切换环境 )
Host Switch Plus251
4 years ago17JavaScript
Change the hosts rules in Chrome. It's easy, and effect immediately.
P4 Utils120
8 months ago13gpl-2.0Python
Extension to Mininet that makes P4 networks easier to build
Mininet108434 years ago15October 07, 20191mitJavaScript
Spin up and interact with virtual networks using Mininet and Node.js
7 years ago5mitPHP
FITB is a tool that automatically polls every port on a list of switches you give it. Simple configuration, precise polling, easy searching and automatic discovery of both new ports and ports that go offline are the goals of FITB.
3 years ago18C
Consolidated switch repo (API, SAI and Nettlink)
5 years ago3mitJavaScript
:tada: Store, manage and switch your hosts quickly.
a year ago32otherPython
OpenFlow Switch Test Framework
Alternatives To Switchhosts
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Homepage: https://switchhosts.vercel.app

SwitchHosts is an App for managing hosts file, it is based on Electron , React, Jotai , Chakra UI, CodeMirror, etc.




  • Switch hosts quickly
  • Syntax highlight
  • Remote hosts
  • Switch from system tray



You can download the source code and build it yourself, or download the built version from following links:

You can also install the built version using the package manager Chocolatey:

choco install switchhosts


SwitchHosts stores data at ~/.SwitchHosts (Or folder .SwitchHosts under the current user's home path on Windows), the ~/.SwitchHosts/data folder contains data, while the ~/.SwitchHosts/config folder contains various configuration information.

Develop and build


  • Install Node.js
  • Change to the folder ./, run npm install to install dependented libraries
  • Run npm run dev to start the development server
  • Then run npm run start to start the app for developing or debuging

Build and package

  • It is recommended to use electron-builder for packaging
  • Go to the ./ folder
  • Run npm run build
  • Run npm run make, if everything goes well, the packaged files will be in the ./dist folder.
  • This command may take several minutes to finish when you run it the first time, as it needs time to download dependent files. You can download the dependencies manually here, or Taobao mirror, then save the files to ~/.electron . You can check the Electron Docs for more infomation.
# build
npm run build

# make
npm run make # the packed files will be in ./dist


SwitchHosts is a free and open source software, it is released under the Apache License.

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