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= Community contributed blocklets

This repository contains a set of scripts (a.k.a. blocklets) for link:[i3blocks], contributed by the community.

|=== | Blocklet | Description | link:afs[] | Show usage information for an AFS directory | link:apt-upgrades[] | Show system upgrades using aptitude | link:arch-update[] | Show AUR updates using yaourt | link:aur-update[] | Show AUR updates | link:backlight[] | Show the screen brightness value given by xbacklight | link:bandwidth[] | Show bandwidth information (default bash version) | link:bandwidth2[] | Show bandwidth information (C version) | link:bandwidth3[] | Show bandwidth information (another bash version) | link:battery-poly[] | Show multi-battery info | link:battery[] | Show battery info | link:battery2[] | Pretty battery info | link:batterybar[] | Show battery info graphically as a bar | link:calendar[] | Current date/time and click for calendar | link:cpu_usage[] | Show current CPU usage | link:cpu_usage2[] | Show current CPU usage (C version) | link:disk[] | Show disk usage (space used) for a given directory | link:disk-io[] | Monitor disk reads and writes | link:docker[] | Show the number of Docker containers and container IP | link:dunst[] | Toggle Dunst notifications using a simple Do-Not-Disturb button | link:email[] | Show the number of unread IMAP messages | link:essid[] | Show the wifi ESSID you are connected to (dep: iwconfig, perl) | link:gpu-load[] | Shows load of Nvidia GPUs | link:go[] | Show the currently installed Go version | link:iface[] | Show network interface IP/status | link:kbdd_layout[] | Show the keyboard layout using dbus and kbdd | link:keyindicator[] | Show the status of capslock or numlock | link:key_layout[] | Show the current keyboard layout using setxkbmap | link:key_light[] | Control the keyboard backlight | link:kubernetes[] | Show the kubernetes current context and namespace | link:load_average[] | Show the system 1 minute load average | link:mediaplayer[] | Generic media player status/controls using playerctl | link:memory[] | Show ram or swap usage | link:monitor_manager[] | Manage monitor on/off, resolution, extend, clone | link:nm-vpn[] | Show vpn status using network manager | link:openvpn[] | Show openvpn status | link:rofi-calendar[] | Current date/time and click for callendar using rofi | link:shutdown_menu[] | Shutdown menu using rofi or zenity | link:tahoe-lafs[] | Show status of your tahoe-lafs grid | link:temperature[] | Show system temperatures using lm-sensors | link:time[] | Show the current date/time and click to change timezones | link:ssid[] | Show the wifi SSID you are connected to (dep: iw, awk) | link:usb[] | Show connected usb storage device info | link:volume[] | Show the current system volume (default) | link:volume-pulseaudio[] | Pretty print system volume for pulseaudio | link:wifi[] | Show the strength of your wifi connection in percent | link:wlan-dbm[] | Show wifi interface link quality in dBm or percent | link:ytdl-mpv[] | Play youtube videos from your clipboard using youtube-dl |===

It is officially maintained by @kb100 with the help of a bench of active i3blocks crafters.

Each release of this repository will be guaranteed to work against a given link:[release] of i3blocks (a.k.a. core).

|=== | contrib | core | master | master | next | next |===

You may want to take a look at the individual blocklet directories, which contain descriptions, screenshots, and installation/configuration instructions.

NOTE: configurations reference $SCRIPT_DIR, meaning the directory that you put the script into. + You must change $SCRIPT_DIR appropriately to coincide with where you put your scripts, for more info see the link:[FAQ].

Want to contribute? Great! Check the link:[contribution guidelines] in order to get started.

NOTE: i3blocks now supports dynamics properties, and all scripts have been updated to do the same. + i3blocks-contrib REQUIRES a version of i3blocks that supports dynamics properties, which is currently only + available in the git version since the last release (v1.4) was years ago.

Happy crafting!

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