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Redisson - Redis Java client
with features of an in-memory data grid

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Based on high-performance async and lock-free Java Redis client and Netty framework.
JDK compatibility: 1.8 - 17, Android


Success stories

Moving from Hazelcast to Redis / Datorama

Migrating from Hazelcast to Redis / Halodoc

Distributed Locking with Redis (Migration from Hazelcast) / ContaAzul

Migrating from Coherence to Redis

Quick start




compile 'org.redisson:redisson:3.16.3'  


libraryDependencies += "org.redisson" % "redisson" % "3.16.3"


// 1. Create config object
Config config = new Config();
       // use "rediss://" for SSL connection

// or read config from file
config = Config.fromYAML(new File("config-file.yaml")); 
// 2. Create Redisson instance

// Sync and Async API
RedissonClient redisson = Redisson.create(config);

// Reactive API
RedissonReactiveClient redissonReactive = redisson.reactive();

// RxJava3 API
RedissonRxClient redissonRx = redisson.rxJava();
// 3. Get Redis based implementation of java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentMap
RMap<MyKey, MyValue> map = redisson.getMap("myMap");

RMapReactive<MyKey, MyValue> mapReactive = redissonReactive.getMap("myMap");

RMapRx<MyKey, MyValue> mapRx = redissonRx.getMap("myMap");
// 4. Get Redis based implementation of java.util.concurrent.locks.Lock
RLock lock = redisson.getLock("myLock");

RLockReactive lockReactive = redissonReactive.getLock("myLock");

RLockRx lockRx = redissonRx.getLock("myLock");
// 4. Get Redis based implementation of java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService
RExecutorService executor = redisson.getExecutorService("myExecutorService");

// over 50 Redis based Java objects and services ...

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Redisson 3.16.3, Redisson node 3.16.3


Q: What is the cause of RedisTimeoutException?

Q: When do I need to shut down a Redisson instance, at the end of each request or the end of the life of a thread?

Q: In MapCache/SetCache/SpringCache/JCache, I have set an expiry time to an entry, why is it still in Redis when it should be disappeared?

Q: How can I perform Pipelining/Transaction through Redisson?

Q: Is Redisson thread safe? Can I share an instance of it between different threads?

Q: Can I use different encoder/decoders for different tasks?

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