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Welcome to "The Researchers' Guide" Medium blog!

Here, you will get all the codes and datasets of my data science blogs "The Researchers' Guide" and "".

Currently working on a data visualisation blog series, where we will learn how to built plots in python from scratch using matplotlib, pandas and seaborn.

  • Importing libraries

  • Getting familiar with the matplotlib's attributes and methods

  • Line plot

    • Basics of plotting using a lineplot
    • Line plot using real-world dataset
    • Line plot customization
    • Plotting time series data using twin axis line plot

    Blog: Introduction to Line Plot Matplotlib, Pandas and Seaborn Visualization Guide (Part 1)

  • Bar plot

  • Pie chart

    • Full pie chart
    • Donut pie chart
  • Box plot

    • Practical example of subplots (row = 2, col = 2)
    • Boxplot subplot [matplotlib style]
    • Boxplot subplot with pandas DataFrame [seaborn style]
  • Boxen plot/letter value plot

  • Violin plot

    • Violin plot [seaborn style]
    • Dodged violin plot [seaborn style]
  • Bee Swarm plot

  • Distribution/Histogram plot

    • Distribution plot [matplotlib style]
    • Distribution plot [seaborn style]
    • Adding customisation to Distribution plot [seaborn style]
  • Scatter plot

    • Scatterplot [matplotlib style]
    • Scatterplot [seaborn style]
    • Faceted scatterplot with relplot() [seaborn style]
  • Joint plot

  • Pair plot

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