REST API Testing Tool for all levels in a Test Pyramid
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REST API Testing Tool for all levels in a Test Pyramid
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REST API Testing Tool for all levels in a Test Pyramid

PactumJS Demo

PactumJS is a REST API Testing Tool used to automate e2e, integration, contract & component (or service level) tests.

  • ⚡ Swift
  • 🎈 Lightweight
  • 🚀 Simple & Powerful
  • 🛠️ Compelling Mock Server
  • 💎 Elegant Data Management
  • 🔧 Extendable & Customizable
  • 📚 Clear & Comprehensive Testing Style
  • 🔗 Component, Contract & E2E testing of APIs



This readme offers an basic introduction to the library. Head over to the full documentation at

Need Help

We use Github Discussions to receive feedback, discuss ideas & answer questions.


# install pactum as a dev dependency
npm install --save-dev pactum

# install a test runner to run pactum tests
# mocha / jest / cucumber
npm install --save-dev mocha

or you can simply use

npx pactum-init



pactum can be used for all levels of testing in a test pyramid. It can also act as an standalone mock server to generate contracts for contract testing.

API Testing

Tests in pactum are clear and comprehensive. It uses numerous descriptive methods to build your requests and expectations.

Simple Test Cases

Using Mocha

Running simple api test expectations.

const { spec } = require('pactum');

it('should be a teapot', async () => {
  await spec()

it('should save a new user', async () => {
  await spec()
    .withHeaders('Authorization', 'Basic xxxx')
      name: 'bolt',
      email: '[email protected]'
# mocha is a test framework to execute test cases
mocha /path/to/test

Using Cucumber

See pactum-cucumber-boilerplate for more details on pactum & cucumber integration.

Scenario: Check Tea Pot
  Given I make a GET request to ""
  When I receive a response
  Then response should have a status 418
// steps.js
const pactum = require('pactum');
const { Given, When, Then, Before } = require('@cucumber/cucumber');

let spec = pactum.spec();

Before(() => { spec = pactum.spec(); });

Given('I make a GET request to {string}', function (url) {

When('I receive a response', async function () {
  await spec.toss();

Then('response should have a status {int}', async function (code) {

Mock Server

pactum can act as a standalone mock server that allows us to mock any server via HTTP or HTTPS, such as a REST endpoint. Simply it is a simulator for HTTP-based APIs.

Running pactum as a standalone mock server.

const { mock } = require('pactum');

  request: {
    method: 'GET',
    path: '/api/projects'
  response: {
    status: 200,
    body: [
        id: 'project-id',
        name: 'project-name'




Inspired from frisby and pact.


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Thanks to all the people who contribute.

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