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Pyramid <>_ is a small, fast, down-to-earth, open source Python web framework. It makes real-world web application development and deployment more fun, more predictable, and more productive.

.. code-block:: python

from wsgiref.simple_server import make_server
from pyramid.config import Configurator
from pyramid.response import Response

def hello_world(request):
    return Response('Hello World!')

if __name__ == '__main__':
    with Configurator() as config:
        config.add_route('hello', '/')
        config.add_view(hello_world, route_name='hello')
        app = config.make_wsgi_app()
    server = make_server('', 6543, app)

Pyramid is a project of the Pylons Project <>_.

Support and Documentation

See Pyramid Support and Development <>_ for documentation, reporting bugs, and getting support.

Developing and Contributing

See HACKING.txt <>_ and <>_ for guidelines on running tests, adding features, coding style, and updating documentation when developing in or contributing to Pyramid.


Pyramid is offered under the BSD-derived Repoze Public License <>_.


Pyramid is made available by Agendaless Consulting <>_ and a team of contributors <>_.

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