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The Top 46 Cucumber Open Source Projects

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Webdriverio 5,499
Next-gen WebDriver test automation framework for Node.js
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Behat 3,274
Cucumber 2,828
Cucumber monorepo - building blocks for Cucumber in various languages
Cucumber Jvm 2,090
Cucumber for the JVM
Email Spec 1,125
Collection of RSpec/MiniTest matchers and Cucumber steps for testing email in a ruby app using ActionMailer or Pony
Fabrication 993
Generating Ruby object instances since 2010
Godog 932
Cucumber for golang
Aruba 869
Test command-line applications with Cucumber-Ruby, RSpec or Minitest. The most up to date documentation can be found on Cucumber.Pro (
Chimp 775
Chimp is a Yeoman for quality. It helps you write clean testable code and instills good coding practices
Appiumtestdistribution 664
A tool for running android and iOS appium tests in parallel across devices... U like it STAR it !
Knapsack 388
Knapsack splits tests evenly across parallel CI nodes to run fast CI build and save you time.
Cucumber Boilerplate 370
Boilerplate project to run WebdriverIO tests with Cucumber
Nightwatch Cucumber 243
[DEPRECATED] Cucumber.js plugin for Nightwatch.js.
Vanessa Bdd Editor 216
Epics and UserStory with BDD style
Green Coffee 213
Android library that allows you to run your acceptance tests written in Gherkin in your Android instrumentation tests.
Jest Cucumber 212
Execute Gherkin scenarios in Jest
White Bread 187
🍞 Story BDD tool for elixir using gherkin
Protractor Cucumber Framework 178
Cucumber framework plugin for Protractor
Howitzer 176
Ruby-based framework for acceptance testing
Xcfit 163
Full Stack Protocol Oriented BDD in Xcode for iOS app with Swift using XCUITest, Cucumberish and FitNesse
Add 162
Разработка с управляемым качеством на 1С
Cucumber Reports Plugin 143
Jenkins plugin to generate cucumber-jvm reports
Cleanguitestarchitecture 135
Sample project of Android GUI test automation using Espresso, Cucumber and the Page Object Pattern
Radish 129
Behavior Driven Development tooling for Python. The root from red to green.
Gunit 129
GUnit - Google.Test/Google.Mock/Cucumber on steroids
Websiteone 128
A website for Agile Ventures
Cluecumber Report Plugin 127
Maven plugin for clear and concise Cucumber BDD test reporting.
Base App 126
An app to help jumpstart a new Rails 4 app. Features Ruby 2.0, PostgreSQL, jQuery, RSpec, Cucumber, user and admin system built with Devise, Facebook login.
Kakunin 123
An E2E testing framework
Salad 119
A nice mix of great BDD ingredients
Spreewald 114
Our collection of useful cucumber steps.
Cucumber Rust 113
Cucumber testing framework for Rust. Fully native, no external test runners or dependencies.
Cukes 90
Cucumber DSL for testing RESTful Web Services
Uyuni 90
Source code for Uyuni
Ruby Tools.el 89
Collection of handy functions for Emacs ruby-mode
Cabbage 81
Story BDD tool for executing elixir in ExUnit
Gradle Cucumber Plugin 80
Plugin to support cucumber-jvm in Gradle builds
Wdio Cucumber Framework 77
A WebdriverIO v4 plugin. Adapter for Cucumber testing framework.
Spring Boot Sample App 71
Sample app generated from my spring boot archtype on :
Seleniumwithcucucumber 63
In this project we will discuss working Selenium with cucumber
Cucumber Api 49
API validator in BBD style with Cucumber
Specflow.assist.dynamic 44
Extension methods to create dynamic objects from SpecFlow tables
Mobileautomationframework 39
Single code base framework to test android and iOS app using appium (v6.1.0), maven, testng,java. Option to start appium server programmatically.
Cypress Cucumber Example 35
An example skeleton with Cypress and Cucumber
Oerpscenario 32
Business Driven Development (BDD) for OpenERP/Odoo
Cucumber Protractor Harness 9
Simple starter project for incorporating cucumber (2.3.1) with protractor
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