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This repository gives to enough knowledge about python programming, data science and also helps you to survive in this programming world !!!

Installation tools

Below are some tools that you can download before getting started with Python, now it’s a preference, so download whichever that fits the best for you.

Name of the tools
Python download
Visual Studio Code
Jupyter Notebook
Google Colab

I personally use Google Colab for python programming. It's one of the best interactive tool in the world. I like it because I can provide more documentation to the code and write some quality tutorials.

Repository Contents

This repository is divided into two parts such as Python Coding and Data Science for Beginners.

Python Coding

Follow the steps down below to get started coding in python!!!

Pythonic Materials

Chapter 1️⃣ ⮕ Basic Concepts
Chapter 2️⃣ ⮕ Built-in Functions
Chapter 3️⃣ ⮕ Libraries
Chapter 4️⃣ ⮕ API's
Chapter 5️⃣ ⮕ Additional Materials
Chapter 6️⃣ ⮕ Exercises
Chapter 7️⃣ ⮕ Quiz
Chapter 8️⃣ ⮕ Interview Preparation

👉 Expand and Collapse the above Chapters for more details

Data Science

Follow the steps down below to get started learning Data Science!!!

Data Science Materials

Data Scraping from the Web


If the jupyter notebook doesn't load. Don't worry just copy and paste the link to nbviewer. Because most of my jupyter notebooks are not loading.


Currently there are 10 contributors for this repository. Feel free to contribute!

Want to know, how I did this. Refer here for the docs

Kaggle Datasets

  1. Kaggle Data Sets

HackerRank Exercises - Solved

  1. HackerRank Exercise Solved

Reddit Communities

  1. Python
  2. Learn python
  3. Python tips
  4. Python coding

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  1. Data Science from Scratch

Contact for help

Contact Info
Gmail [email protected]
Phone number +1 306-737-9073
Facebook Tanu N Prabhu
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Below given are some of the reviews about this Python GitHub Repository:

‪Elin Uppström - Senior Lecturer at Uppsala University, Sweden.
I found your excellent exercises at your GitHub wile preparing undergraduate course in data analysis. I want to use it in my course.

‪Cole Striler - Data Scientist, Founder of Datafied
I came across your GitHub and love your Jupyter Notebooks, especially the one on "Predicting PewDiePie's daily subscribers". I think you do a great job at explaining your work which is something others can learn.

Laurence Watson - Co-Founder & CEO, Treebeard
You have a lot of great Jupyter notebook content on GitHub.

Poonam Gupta - Math & AP Computer Science Instructor, Brunswick School
Thank you so much for posting such helpful posts on GitHub.Many, many thanks for all you do to spread the knowledge.

Do you like the Repository, Please drop in your precious reviews by shooting an e-mail.


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