Patient-controlled electronic health records platform (EHR)
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💛 Encrypted & decentralized personal health records. Built on Blockstack and powered by Blockchain.
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Patient-controlled electronic health records platform (EHR)
Alternatives To Patientcontrolledelectronichealthrecords
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Patient-controlled electronic health records platform (EHR)

A client-server prototype illustrating prospective DApp operation principles for self-sovereign medical data. Private/Public key cryptography and encryption-decapsulation technologies offer a promising solution to the problems of medical record-keeping systems which are currently centralizsed and insecure. It's possible to push ownership of health records from centralized service providers to individuals.

Decentralised Patient-Controlled electronic health records (PCEDR) can be buil using

  • blockchain with arbitrary code execution capabilities (smart-contracts) like Ethereum
  • decentralised global content-addressable storage like swarm/ipfs or/and channels/queues/messengers like plasma/whisper/libp2p transports
  • decentralised cryptography-based access-control and key management layer with incentivised reencryption engines.

We use Django web framework for modeling the components mentioned above.

System description

It's a Django webserver with pythonic API and RESTful HTTP interface illustrating abstract call flow for record-keeping, access-control and reencryption. Tests cover the following case:

  • Patient and Recepient register their entities (public keys) in the framework
  • Patient populates its medical records encrypted with its public key
  • Upon receiving disclosure request Patient approves it giving the permission to read
  • Recepient gets the data recapsulated for its private key
  • Recipient now able to extract plaintext from the capsule

Some screenshots of REST client you can find here



docker -t pcehr build .


docker run -it pcehr test -v 3

Run REST API webserver

docker run -p 8000:8000/tcp -it pcehr

API endpoints (opens with browser, thanks Django Rest Framework tool)


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