An advanced Blockchain-based TCP/IP.
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3 days ago12gpl-3.0Rust
A parachain focused on building bridges of chains based on PoS consensus.
5 years ago14JavaScript
A decentralized (p2p) file storage system built atop Kademlia DHT that enforces data integrity, privacy, and availability through sharding, proofs of retrievability, redundancy, and encryption, with smart-contract powered incentive scheme
a year ago11mitJava
An Electrum Server written in Java
5 years agoC
An advanced Blockchain-based TCP/IP.
Structured P2p Overlay Network11
4 years agogpl-3.0Python
Final Year Project @HKU Department of Computer Science | HGFRR includes a new peer-to-peer network protocol that improves communication efficiency and security among peers, and an implementation of a fast, secure blockchain system on top of this P2P network.
Go Blockchain11
5 years agoGo
Blockchain simulator written in Go
5 years agomitGo
Electrum protocol client
6 years agoC++
Blockchainserver implementation.
Adnl Rs7
7 days agoRust
ADNL implementation in Rust
3 years agootherHTML
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Alternatives To Blockcloud
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An blockchain-based advanced TCP/IP architecture connecting every dots of your life.visit


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Application Scenarios

  • Internet of Vehicles

    Internet of Vehicles is a typical application of IoT in the field of transportation. It has the characteristics of high-speed fast and unpredictable node movements and multiple nodes participating in scheduling collaboration, which are directly related to personal and property security.

    Blockcloud combines the advantages of Service-centric Networking (SCN) and Blockchain with stable connectivity and well mobility support in the underlying physical network. It also provides decentralized trust, security, fairness and economic incentive, which can well adapt to the features of the Internet of Vehicles.

  • Smart Health

    Blockcloud helps to establish an open, truthful, fair and incentive IoT health data system, ensuring that health data can be securely distributed in legally authorized nodes and the value of data can be truly enjoyed by the owners.

  • Smart Home

    Smart devices today rely too much on home gateways, with all intructions processed and transmitted by the gateway. Once the gateway is paralyzed or broken into, all connected devices will be affected. Blockcloud allows smart devices to access the decentralized blockchain network securely and truthfully. It also breaks the “home” boundary and enables smart devices between houses to communicate and collaborate directly, which achieves a real "smart" home.

  • Edge Computing

    The advantages of Blockcloud in connectivity, mobility, and computational model can perfectly cope with the problems of extremely unstable nodes in edge computing, ensuring that all nodes can allocate appropriate service resources and obtain proper income. In addition, Blockcloud can verify the authenticity and effectiveness of the node service at a very low cost, thus perfectly solving the problem of low computational nodes and high security verification costs in the edge computing, enabling the entire edge computing service to be secure and reliable.

  • Sharing Economy

    Blockcloud provides a completely decentralized system for the sharing economy, which solves the problem of excessive power of the platform and heavy burdens and risks to the participating prties. Blockcloud ensures that the credit information of both parties is truthful, the authorization who shares resources is reliable, and fees are settled quickly and securely.

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