💛 Encrypted & decentralized personal health records. Built on Blockstack and powered by Blockchain.
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Corona Tracker237
4 months ago48mitJavaScript
An easy-to-use PWA to monitor the user's wellness and learn about COVID-19.
Healthcare Blockchains164
4 years ago1mit
Open-source landscape map for healthcare-related blockchains
Health Blockchain31
6 years ago36otherCSS
A blockchain for fitness data demo
5 years agoC
An advanced Blockchain-based TCP/IP.
4 years ago10JavaScript
💛 Encrypted & decentralized personal health records. Built on Blockstack and powered by Blockchain.
Cordentity Poc Supply Chain16
3 years ago8Kotlin
A proof of concept for cordentity
Mycoral Patient16
5 years ago5JavaScript
Mobile app for patients to interact with Coral Health blockchain
5 years ago1
List of all the papers that are published in Blockchain and is related to Healthcare and Medical Platforms
Erc20 Token13
3 years agompl-2.0
3 years ago2Python
Patient-controlled electronic health records platform (EHR)
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Decentralized Personal Health Records

What do we want to fix?

Universal Health Records!

It's been several attempts of the industry to standardise & centralize universal health records, so everyone and every (HIS/EHR/DPS/GOV/etc) system would be compatible with it.

Unfortunately getting the right incentives for the parties to use such a system is a very hard problem, and not very much a technological one IMHO.

In the past many have approached this problem from a centralized point of view. While this approach is not entirely wrong (and not necessarily incompatible with my this proposal), getting the right economic incentives with centralized entities has been proven rather hard.

Today's technologies allow to envision a future where a decentralized network of personal health records is possible, in a private & secure way, where the data is owned by the user himself.

Public Roadmap

References / Ideas

Decentralized EHR Whitepaper (draft)

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