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Corona Tracker237
6 months ago48mitJavaScript
An easy-to-use PWA to monitor the user's wellness and learn about COVID-19.
Healthcare Blockchains164
5 years ago1mit
Open-source landscape map for healthcare-related blockchains
Health Blockchain31
6 years ago36otherCSS
A blockchain for fitness data demo
5 years agoC
An advanced Blockchain-based TCP/IP.
4 years ago10JavaScript
💛 Encrypted & decentralized personal health records. Built on Blockstack and powered by Blockchain.
Cordentity Poc Supply Chain16
3 years ago8Kotlin
A proof of concept for cordentity
Mycoral Patient16
5 years ago5JavaScript
Mobile app for patients to interact with Coral Health blockchain
5 years ago1
List of all the papers that are published in Blockchain and is related to Healthcare and Medical Platforms
Erc20 Token13
3 years agompl-2.0
3 years ago2Python
Patient-controlled electronic health records platform (EHR)
Alternatives To Erc20 Token
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Dentacoin - The First Blockchain Solution for the Global Dental Industry

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Founded in March 2017, the Netherlands-based Dentacoin Foundation develops the first Blockchain solution for the global dental industry.

Driven by a vast community of progressive dentists, software developers and marketing specialists, the Foundation has managed to create a new dental ecosystem which favours all industry stakeholders: patients, dentists, manufacturers, suppliers, labs, insurance companies. Through a common, industry-specific cryptocurrency Dentacoin (DCN) and several Blockchain-based software tools, all market participants are securely interconnected, empowered to efficiently exchange information and values.

The core purpose of the Foundation is to improve long-term health, reduce costs and pain, and continuously support the growth in the value of the DCN currency.


"The Bitcoin of Dentistry"

Dentacoin (DCN) is an Ethereum-based utility token which is embedded as an incentive in the Dentacoin tools. It can be easily exchanged to other crypto and fiat (USD, EUR, GBP, etc.) currencies and is already being accepted as a means of payment by dental clinics, laboratories, shops in 18 countries. Every new participant in the Dentacoin community leads to increase of DCN value (“network effect”) - i.e. the more people use DCN, the higher its value grows.

Dentacoin is the one and only cryptocurrency in the world that connects all participants in the global dental industry. In contrast to the inflation-prone world currencies, it holds the potential to make people richer rather than poorer. In its essence, Dеntacoin has a strong social aspect - it empowers people to receive affordable and sustainable dental care and to earn additional income for their active usage of Dentacoin tools.


Bringing Patients Back Into Focus

Communication and attention are the key components on which every relationship builds. The Dentacoin Foundation has already developed four Blockchain-based software applications intended to facilitate and leverage the interaction between patients and dentists.

DentaVox - An online market research platform surveying users (patients) on various dental health topics and providing key results publicly.

Trusted Reviews - The first platform for detailed, verified and incentivized dental treatment reviews written by patients with verified identities.

Dentacare Mobile app - A mobile app which teaches kids and adults to maintain good oral hygiene through a 3-month, incentivized challenge.

Dentacoin Wallet dApp - Allows users to easily and securely store, send, receive DCN tokens, as well as buy DCN against fiat and crypto currencies.


Preaching & Practicing Preventive Dental Care

Dentacoin Assurance is a revolutionary dental, insurance-like program that compensates dentists for prevention and not only for treatment. By paying an affordable monthly premium in DCN to their dentists, patients are entitled to a lifelong, prevention-focused dental care. This Blockchain-based model brings the financial interests of patients and dentists into complete alignment without any intermediaries and establishes strong and lasting bonds. ETA: Testnet Dec 2018


Making Patients Owners of Their Dental Health Records

Another central project to be developed by the Dentacoin Foundation is a decentralized dental health database which stores patient’s data in a safe and reliable way. It is fully managed by patients - only they decide what to store and who can access it. This peerless security degree and control over one’s own data is ensured by the Blockchain. For dentists, this means easier and more precise prophylaxis plans and highly individualized treatment based on a more holistic view of the patient’s health. ETA: 2019


Developing the Largest Blockchain-Supported Dental Network

180K+ community members (users, dentists, followers, subscribers) and 70+ dental labs, suppliers, producers, and mobile dental care providers accepting DCN payments, united by the mission to REshape the future of dentistry.

Useful links

Official Website:

Corporate Identity:

Corporate Design Manual:

Partner Network:

Partner Testimonials:

Dentacoin Blog:

Contact us

Feel free to email us at [email protected] or better yet, join our Telegram.

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